Monday, February 4, 2008

What a great weekend!

Whew.... I'm exhausted, but what a great feeling! I spent the weekend with a very dear friend of mine strolling along chatting and shopping at the Canton Trade Days ( We walked along and admired the many great vintage finds and the many interesting pieces of junk! LOL Not to mention the people watching - and what a variety of folks you find trading and swapping junk!

One of my most favorite finds is the Vinegar Vendor- Silver Moutain Vinegar - Oh My - if you've never had tomatoes and cucumbers marinated in these great vinegars, you are surely missing out on a treat. I make it a point each time I go, to bring back a different flavor to try out.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend is simply the opportunity to just be 'ME' and not "Mom" for a few hours was better therapy than I could have hoped for. Now I'm full of fun and exciting ideas to try at home and projects that I want to get started on. Who knows what the next few weeks will hold? I'm motivated to paint something!

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