Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Worst Nightmare... lived through....only by the Grace of God!

You know the dreaded call at 9:30pm from your kids, telling you they have been in an accident?  Yes.... that one.... we received it on September 26, 2014.  Our worst fears as parents were going through our heads and we were 4 hours away from touching our child. 

On or about 9:05 p.m. an 18 wheeler crossed over the median of Interstate 35, in Oklahoma,  and struck the passenger bus that my daughter and her softball team were traveling in on their way back from a scrimmage game, earlier in the day.  Not only did this truck hit the passenger bus, but it hit them hard enough at a speed of 72mph that the bus flipped over and 'helicoptered' on it's side for several revolutions.  My daughter was seated in the middle of the bus where the strongest force of the impact was felt.

The heartbreaking discovery was that four of the young girls, our daughter's friends, had been killed and we couldn't get to Bailey fast enough to simply reassure ourselves and her that she was going to be ok.  As a parent, it's the most helpless feeling in the world to know your child is hurt, suffering, struggling to live and you can't get to them.  Bailey was  taken to a hospital in OKC via care flight and all we knew was that her injuries were life threatening.  We would learn 24 hours later that the EMT's and Dr's treating her didn't think she would survive.  GUT WRENCHING experience, folks.  Our lives were forever changed in the split second that the truck driver became distracted. 

This is Bailey, our precious 18 year old college sophomore.... about 8 hours after the accident and heavily medicated while in the trauma center of OU Medical Center.  We really did not know the extent of her injuries at this point and we were hanging on to her through lots of tears and countless prayers.  Even now, as I see this picture and think back on that night I am brought to tears. 

I will never be able to say 'thank you' enough to the most caring and wonderfully skilled healthcare professionals that saved Bailey's life; we are truly blessed to have been cared for by these folks at OU Medical Center.  If this tragic accident had to happen, God put his hand on Bailey and guided her to the right place, I will never doubt HIS guidance in all of this.  There are far too many 'God moment's' in all of this experience that continue to bring me to my knees in awe of the power that is HIS.

Monday, November 10, 2014

WHEW... Life is just a big ole' whirl wind... and I've been tossed about!!

Hello blogger friends, long time no blog..... Trying to get my mojo back and hopefully blogging again will offer a little therapy along the way!  :)   So much has happened in my world over the past couple of years; I'll try to find the best way to chronicle the craziness that is my normal - without making anyone too confused. Or.... let's just say, I'll try to share what I can with what few brain cells I have left. 

To start things off..... ugh... my blog looks horrible!!  I really must get busy editing the look of things around here or I'm not even going to want to read it. I need to upload a few new pictures of my diva daughters, they have all grown and changed so much, in so many ways.   So please send me links to your favorite places to beg, borrow, and steal (well, I'll gladly pay for them too) blog designs from and I'll get busy updating my little part the blog world. 

With the popularity of Facebook, I suppose my 'need to know' has been curbed by the constant news feeds on FB.  However.... there's just not much therapy for me in reading newsfeeds and then again there's not much 'sharing' time that I can do on FB without sounding like I'm a negative Nelly, or a prideful Patty.  Ya' know what I mean? 

As always I have a ton of projects going on in my mind and Pinterest and Etsy certainly don't help my need to create, which by the way, is always trumped by my NEED to have a clean and clutter free house.  Therefore -- constant turmoil -- within my already limited brain cells. 

So... now that I feel as if I've confessed my blogging sins of neglect, and I'm promising to do better, I'll leave you with a picture/tease of stories to come....
Yes, my daughter was riding this bus - in the middle - and by the grace of God she survived and is currently at home recovering.  I will have more details and pictures to share in the upcoming days.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look Out... She's got a new ride!!!

At last.... the girl finally decided it was time to park the dying mustang and just go for it!  Brit purchased her own Honda Accord this weekend.  Ahhhh, she's growing up!  I have to give her all the credit, well okay... there was a little motherly nudging going on because I have been having some really strong gut feelings lately that her mustang was a time bomb ticking and just waiting for the right inopportune moment to explode.

Her poor pitiful mustang has over 175,000 miles on it and has been driven hard!!!  I've made jokes that it has more bondo holding it together than actual sheet metal, but sadly it's probably the truth.  Brit's been giving that car heck for 5 years, so when I started getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I knew it was time for her to step up and take action to buy herself a new car.   I just had horrible impending feelings of doom that she was going to be left stranded or something horrible was going to happen while driving it.  All mothers know that feeling, and it's not one you can shake until you fix the problem.

The hardest part was accepting the fact that YES, indeed she could afford a new car!  YES, indeed it is time that she take on this responsibility!  YES, she is an adult, with an adult job and she can do this!!!  After a couple of days of searching on-line and researching she decided that this cute little red Honda was the car for her.  I gotta admit, she makes up her mind much more quickly that I do.  I would probably still be thinking and rethinking my choice. 

So after a few hours of haggling with the dealership and re-haggling, she got the deal she wanted and the deal she could afford.  I think they probably just gave in and let her have it to get rid of her bossy self!   Irregardless, she's on the road and we are all happy with her choice.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Proud Momma Brag

What blog post would be complete without a proud momma brag moment?  So.... with that said....I'm going to brag shamelessly on Bailey who is entering her Sr. year in High School.  As many of you know, she has played select softball for many years and is a fierce competitor with most anything she does.  She pitches approximately 65mph and bats as well as anyone, with her fair share of hits to and over the fence lines.
This summer has been a phenomenal season of softball for her.  Bailey has been very fortunate to play on a team with wonderful coaches that have encouraged her and recognized her true talent and heart for the game; one coach in particular has been her own personal cheerleader with college scouts that have come to the college look tournaments.  She has pushed Bailey to step up and become a team leader as well as a more responsible individual. I have been so impressed that this coach preaches the 'bigger picture' about long term goals and success in life - not so much about the here and now, but more about how softball and college are merely a tool to help you achieve success in your life and long term goals.  (I've been saying the same thing for years, but of course I'm just mom, so it falls on deaf ears!)

We really are so very blessed to have been associated with this coach and could never begin to thank her enough for all that she has done for Bailey and for us.  Now with all of that said, Bailey was offered not one, but two wonderful college scholarship opportunities playing softball.  One was at a Division II college in the metroplex and the other was with a Division I college in East Texas.  After much prayer on my part and lots of talking it out and list making of pros and cons between Bailey and her dad, we decided to go with the Division I college.

I must admit that I am probably as excited as Bailey is about this opportunity!  By no means is this going to be an easy ride for her, she is going to have to study and study hard.  There are definite expectations that she is going to have to uphold, but I'm certain that she realizes the importance of this opportunity and definitely appreciates the faith that the college coaches have placed in her and her abilities. The challenges ahead of her are many, but so are the opportunities.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Blog Template & Cricut Practice

Well?  What do ya' think?  I've been toying around with new designs and just finally decided to click it and do it!  Little did I know that Blogger had changed the game plan on me, but I quickly figured it out and I think once I get past the initial shock of the change I'll be back up to blogging speed!

If you are interested in find a new template for your own blog, please visit this wonderful site...http://www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ Lots of cute designs and easy to follow instructions.

So... would you like to know what I've been doing with myself for the past year of so?  Well... not a whole lot of anything new, that's for sure!  Just working full time and chasing kiddos around - can you say ---'BORING'?  :)

However..... I have recently rediscovered my love of the Cricut and I've finally gotten over my fear of VINYL!  I really don't know why I procrastinated so much with using vinyl?  It's really quite simple and I love the finished look of my projects.  Now if I could just figure out how to use that frazzling vinyl transfer tape!  UGH!!  I have watched those stinking YouTube videos over and over and they look so easy, but when I get ready to actually use the transfer tape I have total brain blockage!  I feel so stupid!!  I really have to get this conquered or I'm going to start to develop a complex (among the many other complexes I have)! 
My first attempt at using cutting vinyl with Cricut

I realize these two canisters don't look like much, but for some crazy reason I just felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of trying my hand at these.  They were so easy and I now I feel so silly!

Of course my next stop was PINTEREST!!   I immediately began pinning anything and everything that was remotely related to or could be done using my Cricut!  Now I realize that I may never get around to completing half of the pins I have on my boards, but still ---- those ideas are rolling around in my already overwhelmed brain.  Look out...I've got rolls of vinyl, a few new cartridges, and a Cricut Expression that has been collecting dust for over 2 years!  I'm prepped and ready!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good morning! I'm still alive, still have the same husband, still have the same mouthy daughters, same job, same house, same hair design, same.... Well you get the idea!!! Therefore---- I'm in the mood for a change or two in my blogging life and hopefully a few layout and graphic changes will stir up my interest in blogging again? I really have missed interacting with my blogging buddies and the crazy therapy that it seems to offer! I have a TON of developments to tell you about with my daughters--- yep--- that's basically the only thing I have time to do!! Brag about my kiddos on line. So, come back to visit me and you'll start to see my blog taking on a new look and hopefully you will enjoy the new direction I'm heading towards??

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes.... I'm still alve!

Just in case anyone was concerned... I am still alive and kicking! 

We have survived the long hot summer of 100*+ temps in Texas and NO rain!
We have survived the start of the school year!  Bailey is a Junior and Briley is in the 5th grade. 

Now on to the really important business at hand... blogging!   I just haven't been much in the bloggy mood for the past few months, but hopefully I can get back into a routine of 'thinking' again and maybe have something worthwhile to blog about.  Maybe?

About the only productive thing I managed to accomplish this summer was sewing a sweet little apron for my friend's daughter.
Here she is wearing the apron and enjoying her birthday cake! 

Next up is the 50's Day Celebration at the Elementary School and of course you know what that means... Yep... one poodle skirt, made to order for Briley!

So the day before this exciting 50's Day, I ran to JoAnn's on my lunch break, found the material I wanted to use and then that night I whipped up a poodle skirt following some extremely easy directions I found on the internet. 
Here she is, all dressed and ready for her day at school. 
As usual with the hope of Fall and cooler temps just around the corner, I have high hopes and plans for sewing more this fall.  As usual, we'll see how my plans work out and how reality has a way of changing those plans!  :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I just have to brag a little....

As everyone knows... it's almost time for school to be out and we have been busy with all sorts of school activities that are standard for this time of year.

First on the list of accomplishments is my precious little nerdy girl (she knows I call her a nerd) has been inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society.  The best part is that she is the first one of our girls to receive this honor in Elementary School - it's always great to be the first at something when your the youngest of 3!

 I have to admit that I didn't know such a thing existed in Elementary School, but obviously it does and we have a certificate to prove it!  :)

The next night of Awards was for Bailey's athletic accomplishments. This year Bailey has been awarded "Pitcher of the Year" for District 13-3A. She has worked very hard this year in Softball and helped her team win the Bi-District Championship for our area and they advanced on to
Area Play-offs. 

Just for the record, she throws a mean fast ball, among 5 or 6 other different pitches!  I can guarantee I wouldn't want to face her at the plate, much less have to catch her!

Here she is all cleaned up and ready for her Sports Banquet.

Of course the one time she's interested in having her picture taken and looks nice, the weather is overcast and gloomy and less than the best picture-taking weather; as usual my iPhone pictures are never as good as with my 'real' camera!  

Alright, there you have it - my shameless motherly bragging blog post!

Come on summer, it's getting harder and harder to raise the dead each morning!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

County Fair Time of Year

Yep.... you guessed it!  It is that time of year again when we haul the piggies to the Fair Grounds and hope they make the weight we want, follow directions in the show ring, and  do well enough to make the Sale and win a top spot in their Class.  Oh I know, the excitement is almost too much to handle, isn't it? :)   Just imagine how stressful it is for those poor piggies;  on a side note...if they don't make the Sale, they will promptly become ham and bacon in my freezer!

This year will be Briley's first time to show her pig.  The past 6 months have really been challenging for her, because she's had to put a lot of time and effort into the feeding and care of her pig.  All the while she's had to endure her older sister yelling at her for not doing 'it' right...whatever 'it' happens to be at the moment.  Oh let me just say, we've had our fair share of screamfests in the pig barn! 

After all of the trials and tribulations of raising pigs, Briley is mostly excited about wearing her new boots.  Oh yes, we had to go buy her a pair of new boots to wear in the show ring.  Afterall, what was all of this for, if not to get dressed up in the latest cowgirl gear and be blinged out in the show ring?

Here she is modeling her new boots... and yes, she is wearing her night gown... in the kitchen... in her boots! What can I say?  Nothing is sacred in our house! 

Here's a close of up shot of the boots - which by the way, took all afternoon to pick out! Apparently Briley has some real issues with the shape of the toes, the color of the tops of the boots (even though noone will see the tops)... and the list goes on. 

I'll check back in and let ya' know how the piggies and the girls do after the Pig Show!  I'm sure after Briley gets a taste of chasing after her pig in the Show Ring, we probably won't have to worry about her doing this another year.  I just don't see her persuing this much further, and quite honestly.... I am not going to be too disaapointed.  There are too many other options that she can participate in with the 4-H, besides PIGS!  Oink  Oink!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break! Let the fun begin!

Are you new here? 

You should have realized by now and after reading so many of my random posts that there was going to be very little spring breaking going on! :)

Oh sure... school is out for the week, but soccer, softball and pig feeding continues.  The only difference is that we don't have homework thrown into the mix this week.  For that, I am grateful!

Every day this week, I still have to figure out a way to get Bailey to and from soccer and softball practice during the middle of the day.  Because you realize she doesn't drive yet, and I work all week... so??? I'm relying on the patience and kindness of other kiddos that have their drivers' license.  JOY JOY!

Every day this week, we still have to dredge down to the pig barn and feed those nasty creatures - twice a day - with a concoction of feeds that is as precisely measured and monitored as if we were making a cake for the Queen.  Unbelievable!!!  Each day I remind myself  that raising pigs for the FFA or 4H groups is most definitely a labor of love for our children.   These little jewels are all about teaching responsibility and I get that, really I do.  HOWEVER, I didn't need to learn responsibility... I have three of my own little reminders of my everlasting responsibility!

My task at hand for this week is to clean out my car!  Oh, I'm sure you can imagine the little flakes of pig poop that have made their way into my car are starting to really stink as the temperatures in the car rise... yes.... you get the idea!  Not to mention the bits of pig feed that have spilled out of the buckets and now it smells like a grain barn in the back of my car. 

Remember... this is a labor of love!  Or else I would be considered stark raving mad to allow this craziness to continue!  (See how I have to keep reassuring myself of this fact?)

Anyway, it is Spring Break and that means all of this nasty cold weather and long gloomy days are surely about to end.  Bring on the sunshine!  I need to feel the heat of the sun and smell the flowers blooming.  (Pardon me, while I sneeze my head off.)    Spring time is great!  (sniff... sniff)

Softball season is starting and I am all about sitting in the stands watching Bailey pitch their team to a District Win.  I'm also all about sitting in the stands and listening to Briley whine at me about being hungry, which direction the wind is blowing, and how she is BORED!  Oh yes, the joys of spring time!  (I need to remember to stock up on sunflower seeds to keep Briley entertained!)

Believe it or not, this is my favorite time of year.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy TAKS Tuesday!

For those of us living in Texas with children in the public school system, today is the start of TAKS Testing for 3rd grade through 11th grade (assuming they pass prior to their Sr. year?).   Between today and late April, students will take a series of tests measuring their knowledge of Writing, Math, Science, History, and Language Arts.  Each grade level has it's own subject matter to be tested.  This is HUGE in Texas public schools.  This test is the measuring tool used to advance elementary students from one grade to the next, regardless of their grades for the year. 

This test is so very important that school systems are busy teaching the terminology and verbiage of the tests, as well as the subject content.  Students are drilled daily about what to expect and how to appropriately answer the questions.  Each day, my 4th grader completes no less than 5 worksheets directed at teaching her the TAKS test material.  Sometimes it seems like it's overkill! 

So with that said, the teachers have continually stressed the importance of getting a good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a healthy snack for the test day. In keeping with the teacher's advice, Briley has been overly conscious about her sleep schedule and our choices for breakfast.  In other words, she has nagged me to death about what I was going to prepare for her for breakfast! :)  I'm sure her teacher will be pleased to know that we followed the guidelines and both Briley and Bailey had a huge breakfast of pigs in a blanket and fruit.  Hopefully their minds are alert and busily writing a wonderful story today.  (Today was the Writing portion for 4th and 10th grade.)

One TAKS testing day down!

Oh and since no blog post of mine would be complete without some kind of incident... let me assure you this morning was not without incident!  Not only did I awake a full 45 minutes earlier than usual, just so I could make sure both of the girls were bright eyed and bushy tailed... but we still needed to run by the barn and feed the pigs.  No big deal - we do this every day --- but apparently today EVERY parent that usually sends their child off on the school bus decided to drive them to school, because the morning rush of school traffic was horrible.  We crept and crawled along like snails... UGH!  So you know what that means... yep... we were still running late! 

After a quick little change was made in our drop-off routine, we were back on track and Bailey was going to feed their pigs without Briley - all is good -  until Bailey gets ready to get out of the car and remembers that she doesn't have a PENCIL for the test!  Really??  A pencil??? There are no less than 100 extra pencils at the house, easy to see and get to, as needed.  Really?? You forgot a pencil??  Don't you carry one with you anyway?  Don't you carry MORE than ONE with you?? Oh My Gosh!!  Typical Bailey!

Dear Lord, please be with Bailey!  I fear this is going to be a long day for her!  :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Brittany!

My Brit-Brit is turning 20 today!  Who'd a thunk it?  I let her live through her teenage years! It wasn't easy, let me tell ya'!  There were times of tears, anger, anxiety, joy, and above all several prescriptions of Xanax.  We have arrived!  One down and only two more daughters to go.  I think that since I've been a parent for 20 years now, I should be allowed some time off for MY good behavior!  I mean... no one is starving, lost, or living in a ditch.  See.... it's all good.

I'm sure Brit has great plans for celebrating with her sweet boyfriend and other chums,  so I will just consider this a new stage of maturing for my baby girl.  I'm secretly hoping that we can cut the umbilical cord soon...the extra pounds are really starting to make my jeans bulge in the wrong places! :)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Enjoy your 20's - they pass by all too quickly!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lookie! A new toy!!!

I openly admit that I have far too many crafty interests and toys.  It's obvious that I have gone a little overboard when my dining room is no longer available for dining!  We have started referring to the formal dining room as the junk room.. ok, I know... that can't be good!

Anyway...how I came to have a new toy happened during the Texas sized snow/ice storm when we were all stuck at home for several days and Briley and I were watching a little too much TV, namely Home Shopping Network! LOL  Well really now, you can only watch so much Wizards of  Waverly and Hannah Montana before it's obvious that you need to change your viewing choices.  When a 41 year old woman can sing along with the show's opening songs, we've got a problem.

Oh I know what you're thinking.  I should have used the 'down' time to sew or quilt or do something productive like clean my craft/junk room, but really I just wasn't feeling that as an option.  

Irregardless of how many better alternatives there were for me to spend my time, Briley and I stumbled upon a 30 minute demonstration of this little jewel.... A Yudu Personal CardShop Machine/Screen Printer.  She and I were both completely enthralled with all that this could do.  Of course we were, we were being sucked in by their highly effective  marketing ploy. :)

 They got me... I called in on the 800 line and joyfully offered my credit card number and soon my very own Yudu was headed to our house.  It's amazing how easy and fast that HSN makes the purchase process, there's hardly any time at all to have buyer's remorse and WHAM!  That little toy is sitting on my front porch, compliments of the UPS man!

So where am I going with this?  I'll tell  ya'.... guess where this little joy is in my home?  Yep, you guessed it.  Right smack dab in the middle of my dining room/junk table with all of my other craft goodies.  Still in the unopened box and reminding me that I fell hook, line, and sinker for an impulse purchase.

(I still say I was suffering with cabin fever and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Hopefully, Briley and I can dig this out of the box this weekend and get busy playing around with our new toy. I'm sure we will enjoy it and put it to good use, but in the mean time it's just sitting there, mocking me! :)
Now if you would like to see all of the wonderful things this toy will do, click here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alrighty... Valentine's is over and that means SPRING is just around the corner!

So...We've made it this far!  Trust me, I wasn't too sure I would survive this Winter in Texas!!  With FOUR (4) consecutive snow days in our neck of the woods, and all of my family snowed/iced in at our house, it's really any one's guess who or how many are going to come out alive!!!

At our home, we measured 6 1/2 inches of this nasty white stuff!  It was pretty for about 12 hours and we all enjoyed the 'newness' of it all.... and then reality hit!  This white stuff started to seriously inconvenience our lifestyle.  I mean, I always have enough food in our pantries and freezers to feed a small army, but when you are snowed in and KNOW that you can't get to Wal-Mart, there's just something inside of you that screams to you!  It's an incredible craving for some sort of food that you NEVER have the ingredients for in the pantry.  It's some sort of dish that you only make in summer months and never dream of wanting in the dead of winter, but just let it snow 6 inches or so... and you better believe you want it! 

Also during this time in North Texas, we were getting ready for the Super Bowl.  I have never realized that so much hoopla surrounds this stuff.  I'm not a big football fan anyway, but the endless days of news coverage about the preparations and how it was all being affected by the snow, was enough to make a crazy person sane!

To add to all of the winter fun and craziness in our home, I decided that I would attempt to move some ice and snow off of our driveway.  Notice I say 'attempt'?  When I say that ice doesn't move and it certainly doesn't have any bounce in it... at all! I know this first hand!!  Oh that's right - I fell smack dab on my big butt and landed with my left arm underneath me.    Well......two weeks later I am still suffering with a broken elbow! Luckily I only wore a cast for a week and the orthopedic recommended that I go without a cast to avoid having my elbow lock up on me. 

I had no idea how many actions are associated with moving my left arm and elbow - it's been a very painful two weeks, but I can tell that it's getting better and finally the task of buttoning my pants doesn't make me shriek with pain.   You can imagine how disconcerting that is for people outside of the bathroom door and what they might be wondering about me. :)

As we all know, yesterday was Valentine's Day; and as with most holidays, I'm less than impressed.  My attitude seems to have worn off on Briley.  She was totally put out by having to give cards to kids that she really didn't like (ahh, the joys of 4th grade), much less having to bring strawberry syrup for ice cream sundaes they were planning to make during their Valentine Party at school.  Briley isn't the normal kid, she does not like ice cream or really anything too sweet, and to add insult to injury she is allergic to the strawberry syrup she was asked to bring.   So as far as she was concerned, this whole party business was just a bunch of nonsense!  (I tend to agree.) 

Oh well.... she took the syrup and the cards to school and was nice enough... I suppose?  When she made it home with all of her party goodies, she sorted through the stickers and such that she liked, but the rest will promptly find their home in the trash.  Ahhh... gotta love our quirky kids!

What's my point to all of this?  I'll tell ya'.... it means that we are almost finished with this nasty winter weather business.  Spring is near....flowers will soon be popping their heads out of the ground, and I can get back to wearing my flip flops!

I've made it through another depressing holiday season, another winter of Arctic air blasts, and the gloomy dark skies - come on Mother Nature!!! Don't fail me now!!! Bring on the sunshine and warmer temperatures!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Events of the Weekend

This past weekend Bailey had her turn at the Ft. Worth Stock Show.  She and her heifer did very well in the show ring and placed third in her Class.  After all of the poop was scooped...

the cows were washed and blown dry this is what we ended up with...

Another year in the books!  As always, this has been a fun and educational experience for all of us.  Bailey works very well with all of the heifers and continues to step up to the challenge and responsibility that it takes to make it work.  Now on to the pigs and getting them ready for the County Show in March.  The fun just never stops!


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