Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Good Ole' Days of Blogging

Remember when blogging was new and we all rushed to our computers each day to read the latest ramblings of our new found on-line best friends?  Remember the excitement, joy, and sadness we all shared in each others' lives? New babies, weddings, prom stories, vacation pictures, craft projects, and newly tested recipes...we shared it complete strangers and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our tidbits of life.

After almost 10 years of reading blogs and establishing a camaraderie with other moms, all with so many great ideas for managing their homes, families, and lives...I'm saddened to discover that many of my favorite blogs have either been inactive (like my own) or have become nothing more than on-line commercials for any and all kinds of 'helpful' products. Slowly the fun and whimsical blogs have become about click counts, number of views, streaming income, and promoting the latest and greatest network marketing plan.  While all of these things have a place in our ever evolving on-line world, for me, the best part was being able to see a glimpse into other mom's lives.  Some bit of comfort could be found in knowing that you weren't the only mom fighting the battles of "what to cook for dinner" or "how to make the perfect cookies" for the class Valentine's party.  Real...True...Life... Struggles!

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that so many bloggers have been able to find forms of income through what they do so well... blogging...but I'm sad that a good thing based around something other than money, has turned into a not so good thing all because of the ever powerful need to generate income. As I putter around online in hopes of discovering new blogs that aren't promoting a product, I realize that blogging just isn't what it use to be in the good ole' days.

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring

Or so the calendar says??  No one is happier than I, to see the spring arrive.  I am NOT a winter person at all and I welcome the warm sunshine...but the catch phrase here... WARM SUNSHINE!!  Hello Mother Nature... Are you out there?  Or are you hibernating!  It's spring, so do your thing and send the sunshine and warmer temps.

My flip flops just don't accommodate my freezing toes when it's wet and cool outside, and I have some new Yellow Box flip flops that are begging to be worn!  Doesn't every good southern girl anticipate the arrival of spring and the season to wear new Yellow Box Flip Flops?  :)

However, today I tried to welcome in the new season while at the park eating my lunch from inside my car, and was entertained by the ducks and geese that call it home.  It's still too cool and WET to enjoy sitting on a park bench and sharing the crumbs with these floating fowl. 

Oh well, no worries!  We can't turn back the calendar and this is Texas, I fully anticipate sunshine and 80* temps within a few days.  Welcome Spring!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Work in progress... Always in my house. 
Whatelse should you do on a cold, wet, boring day?  Make cookies, of course!!! 😃 Not just any cookies, but sugar cookies... The yummiest ones that you cut out with cookie cutters and cover is delicious icing. 
Yea, it's a quick fix for sugar cravings, and if the sun doesn't come out SOON, I will be the size of a BARN!!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Conversations in the car...on the way to school

In our household there isn't any topic of conversation that is taboo or off limits, and generally the worst of the topics is brought up at dinner time, around the table. Or when we are in front of friends and other family members.  Isn't that how it always is?  :)

Briley is my inquisitive child, she's the first one to 'google' something, after me.  I am notorious for telling the girls to go look it up or 'google' it.   Anyway, there's really no rhyme or reason why Briley brings up topics and when; this morning on our drive to school was no different than any other time....  Mirror Neurons... the topic of our commute.

Seriously?  Mirror Neurons?  What goes through that head of hers' at 7:30am?  What happened to middle school girl drama?  What happened to sister drama?  What happened to 'Hey I need lunch money'?  Oh noooooo, I have to listen to a long (well as long as it takes to get from our driveway to the middle school drop off lane) dissertation of how and why this occurs. 

For the rest of the world that like me, you have no idea what mirror neurons are, here is a brief explanation from... where else.... Google...and Wikipedia...
A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.[1][2][3] Thus, the neuron "mirrors" the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species.[4] Birds have been shown to have imitative resonance behaviors and neurological evidence suggests the presence of some form of mirroring system.[4][5] In humans, brain activity consistent with that of mirror neurons has been found in the premotor cortex, the supplementary motor area, the primary somatosensory cortex and the inferior parietal cortex.
Apparently, Briley had watched some sort of documentary on Netflix or YouTube, or where ever she gets her information and wanted to enlighten me about this topic.  Of course I continued to listen and interject the usual 'oh' and  'uh huh' the ENTIRE 8 minutes we were in the car, but in all honesty I had no idea what she was talking about.  Well that's not entirely true, I understand the premise of this topic, but really???? 7:30 am???  My brain is barely functioning enough to get us to work and school and she wants to discuss neurons??? Oh my...I think I've lost too many brain cells over the past 20 years to do her justice in daily conversation. 
I will gladly listen to her neuron conversations over so many more topics. I'm very thankful that she is so inquisitive and always stretching her brain and mine to learn new things. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

We made it to March and Loaded Broccoli

Whew.... we made it!!  I didn't think we would, but March is here...spring flowers, green grass, warmer days, and lots of sunshine!!!  I survived another small miracle. 
While Texas hasn't had the horrid winter weather like so many of our northern neighbors, we have had our typical amount of cold and wet, but this year just seems to be more soggy than most or I just don't tolerate the cold and wet like I did when I was younger.  Come on fresh pretty new flowering baskets for my porch and the smell of fresh cut grass. :)

As typical Texans, my family needs sunshine and warm temps!  We NEED to be able to get outside and move around, however the past few days we have been stuck inside looking at each other and EATING.  It's about to get really ugly if we have to continue flipping channels to find something we can all agree on or figure out what we can all agree on to eat. Way - too - much - family - togetherness! 

This weekend, I tried a new quick-fix broccoli recipe... Loaded Broccoli... oh yes, this is a keeper! Super easy and super quick to fix.  Of course as with any recipe, I always add my own little touches and extra spices because I find that most people eat food that is just too bland for my family's salt-addicted, salsa craving, and pepper-phenom tastes. 

I've attached the recipe below just as I found it, but please experiment and add more or less of whatever floats your family's boat.  This really is a keeper of a recipe and I would venture to guess that this just might replace our typical broccoli and cheese casserole that is served at every family holiday gathering ( sick of that).   This recipe and other greats can be found on

Low carb!!!!
4-5 small bunches of fresh broccoli cut into bite size pieces
( Approx: 4-6 cups)
1/2 cup Mayonnaise
1/2 cup Sour Cream
6-8 Slices bacon cooked and cut into bite size pieces
1 Bag Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese (two cups) or cheese of your choice.
3-4 Tbs chopped fresh chives

Steam or Boil Broccoli Pieces ( I boiled for 10 minutes)
Drain and Let cool
Mix together Mayonnaise, Sour Cream, 1 cup of the Shredded Cheese and half of cut up Bacon, and placed in baking dish that was lightly sprayed with non stick spray,
Top with remaining cheese and bacon pieces.
Cook in oven 400° for 10- 15 minutes until cheese is melted
Top with chopped Chives and serve! ENJOY!!

I added some chopped garlic and diced onions, along with garlic salt, course ground pepper, and even a touch of dried parsley. Also, I never boil broccoli because you lose so many nutrients when boiled, but I did steam my fresh broccoli and it was awesome.   Very yummy and went great with our grilled burgers and other fixings we had prepared for lunch.

Let me know what your plans are for freshening up your porches, decks, and entry ways for spring.  I'm ready to clean out the cobwebs and brighten up the porch with some splashes of color and life!

Oh... I almost forgot... Happy 179th Birthday to Texas! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It really happened...DFW got SNOW!

Don't burst my bubble yet, I know this isn't really real well ok, I guess it's real.  This just isn't the quantity of snow that so many of our neighbors to the north are dealing with, at the moment.  **Reason #877 why I am so very glad that I live in the south and in TEXAS!  While dealing with this snow is an occasional inconvenience, it's not a way of life or anything I have to learn to work around.

This morning Briley and I were both dressed and ready to leave for school and work, but the snow had just begun and was coming down in big massive chunky flakes.  My maternal instinct and limited exposure to snow told me to WAIT!  Don't leave the house! 

What if I dropped her off at school and then had to just turn around and go back to get her because they were dismissing school early? 

This thought and many others were running through my head; most especially visual images of ME being stuck in a ditch somewhere because I am not prepared to drive in snow and I'm even less equipped to be cold and in a ditch! 

Briley was not a happy camper when it comes to getting up and dressed for school, to only find out that we were not going to school... just yet.  
She didn't let a little snow-day delay her from returning to her natural position and snoozing for a few minutes.  It's a rough life, no doubt!  :)  I'm surprised the cat wasn't curled up beside her!!  (She was even unhappier when she realized that I was going to be taking her to school, eventually.  I mean.. if I have to work, she has to go to school.  It's only fair? Right?)

Once I heard that the road were clear and school wasn't going to be dismissed, we proceeded to school and work.  Both of us arrived safely and the snow has stopped in DFW.  I suppose that was the ONE snow day of the year we get around here, and it was only HALF of a day.  Can't complain too much, but that sunshine better be out this afternoon and the roads better be dry!  I'm ready to be done with winter.  I know.. .I know... I should probably duck and hide from all of you throwing actual snow balls at me. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ICEMAGEDDON in Texas - 2015

Yep, it happens... about once a year we get ICE!  Not soft fluffy snow that sounds and looks like fun in all of the movies.  You know...the ones where the family gets outside together, bundles up and has a great time building snow men and having snow ball fights?  Uh... yea... that's not going to happen in the metroplex of Texas!!!  ~ Sigh~ 

However what we will have is layers of heavy and unforgiving ICE and sleet.  Why do people get on Facebook and talk about their drive into work on these days, as if they expect an award?  As if they have accomplished the impossible!  Well... let me tell ya'... my life and that of other innocent idiot drivers is much too important to risk it for a day of work.  There's a reason I am not employed in the medical field or as a first responder.  It's because I am WEAK!  Very WEAK, I tell ya'!   When the DFW metroplex gets lucky enough to have a legitimate day or two of ice/snow, I am going to be curled up on my couch in my pj's watching the news reports of all other idiots that felt they needed to prove how well they could (or couldn't) travel on SHEETS OF ICE!  People, we are not talking about snow, slush, or just freezing rain; we are talking about hard core inches of ICE!!  Ice, Ice BABY!

Not to worry, just about as quickly as the ice piles up, it melts away.  Just give it a few hours and we will have sunshine and warmer temps to bring us back to the reality that there is nothing romantic or even remotely fun (other than a day off of work/school) about the ice. 

Back to the office and back to school to make-up the missed time and remember how great it was to sleep in for ONE day or to sit around drinking hot cocoa and watching mindless TV.  It's great family time because no one can get away, and it's great time for catching up on movies, closet cleaning, shrink dink making, or household projects.  (Briley and I made quite a few fun Shrinky Dinks yesterday...just because.) :)

You'll notice the finished pillow, while it's not a big deal and it took me less than an hour from start to finish, but it had been a thorn in my side for months.  Bailey lost her first pillow like this in the bus crash and I had made it to match her dorm bedding.  (Since the accident she has been very OCD about putting all of her pieces back together.) So like any good mother, I assured her that I could make another; after all I have plenty of material left.  Well...almost 5 months later and I still hadn't completed my 'easy peasy' pillow... until Icemageddon 2015!! I sat down, cleaned off my sewing table and just whipped it right out.  You can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment; it's quite pathetic that such a small thing, requiring very little skill, could feel so good to finish!! 

Maybe I should implement a 'snow/ice day', at least one Saturday out of each month... for no other reason that to get caught up on projects and family time.  I doubt I could get anyone else to go along with my idea, but I might consider allowing myself one Saturday a month to sew or do a craft project without any guilt for not scrubbing toilets or mopping floors. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Empty Nest.... sorta...

I think we are getting a good dose of what it's going to be like when all three of my birdies have flown the coop... Brittany has moved into her own house, Bailey lives on the college campus, and Briley is in the 8th grade.  ~ sigh ~

Life is becoming so boring and dull for Al and I; we might have to find a hobby?  Or remember what we liked about each other 26 years ago???
That's really anybody's guess at this point, we've been together so long and had kids for so many years, I doubt we can even remember what we liked about each other that long ago. 

Yes, I know... we still have one little birdie that lives at home, but she's a busy birdie.  Thankfully Briley is very involved in band and theater arts, she's an A student, and very focused on school and school activities.  So far she's the easiest of the birdies and is no where near the high maintenance of others.  (whew... I finally got it right on the 3rd try!)

Thus.... the reason I feel like the next four years for her in High School are going to be an eye opening experience for usWe are going to be lonely!!  :) Briley is becoming increasingly busy with her friends (which are all wonderful), her interests, and while we joyfully support that, the selfish mom in me is sitting back here waving profusely saying "HOLD UP!!  What about me?? Don't you need me??" 

Oh well, such is life... I knew we would eventually be on the downhill side of raising kiddos, and I'm very proud of the three we have raised.  God has been very good to us and we are very blessed to have three beautiful souls and all three very different girls that understand the importance of family and values, whether they want to admit it or not. 

Why the sudden sentimentality?  Well... it's like this... this week we had to sign off on the direction of Briley's high school years.  Yes, that hit me like a ton of bricks.  High school is upon us; it's really going to happen; my baby is four quick years away from flying the coop....(wiping away a tear). 

Not to worry, our life and household will still be full of fun and fireworks, this pretty much depicts our relationship over the past 26 years.  HA HA HA!  I'm fairly certain that I will continue to have lots of topics to write about.  My sarcasm and snarky-ness runs deep!  :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

24 years ago... TODAY!!!

As hard as it may be to believe, I have a 24 year old daughter!!  I know... it's a shock to me too; how did this happen????

My oldest daughter, Brittany, is 24 years old.... I think I'm going to have to repeat that over and over again in my head, because I'm still in total denial that is has been 24 years since we brought that precious little baby home. I had no idea what I was doing and certainly had no clue how to keep such a valuable gift alive!  Much less figure out how to feed and nurture this little high maintenance precious baby girl! ;)

She's currently working full time and has returned to college to finish her degree in Sports Management and lives on her own, paying her own bills (ok, so maybe not ALL, but the majority of her own bills).   My point is that I'm pretty sure I can call this kiddo a SCORE!  I've passed the motherhood test (on this one). 

Undoubtedly, lots of trial and error and many HOURS of prayer are the only reasons WE survived each other.  :)  I'm so proud of the beautiful independent woman she has become.  Her drive and determination are certainly motivating to me.  I have no doubt that she will accomplish anything she sets her mind out to do. 

{Yes, I swiped a picture of her and her honey off of FB because being the wonderful mother that I am, I don't have any recent pictures of her.  :)  (ooops!) }

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pyrex Mania

My little addiction has become a contagious situation!! My oldest daughter, Brittany, has recently caught the Pyrex fever.  How was I to know that I could inflict my silly little obsession on my children?  Who knew? 

I've been a hard core fan/lover of vintage Pyrex for probably 30 years, but until the Internet and Pinterest came along, I had no idea there were LOTS of other people with Pyrex fever.  Oh be still my heart.... Pinterest is just straight up eye candy for those of us in love with vintage Pyrex dishes. 

I have been collecting a few pieces here and there over the past 10 years and my collection started when I inherited the yellow/gold daisy pattern bowls from my grandmother.  I've since enlarged my collection to include solid red bowls, refrigerator dishes, divided serving trays, the primary color mixing bowls and now I'm on the hunt for a mint set of 'friendship' patterned Cinderella bowls in the red/yellow design.  There are just too many fun patterns and colors and too little time and money. 

However, I've recently started 'helping' my daughter collect the turquoise Amish butterprint dishes.  These are the various dishes I found for her birthday this month; it was no easy task to give them up... even if it was to my own daughter!!!  ~ sign~

I hope she appreciates the brutal restraint that it took for me to hand them over, the physical pain that my body went through to share my finds.  That's love people!

Oh well, my hunt for the perfect priced Pyrex items continues and just so you know, these are the bowl that I'm on the lookout for. 

Now with that said if anyone reading my blog is in possession of or has seen some in a garage sale/thrift store... PLEASE for the love of all that is right, contact me!!! I'll pay real money, not monopoly money!  I promise!  (Hmmm... that probably sounded like a drug dealer!) LOL

Monday, February 16, 2015

Returning to life, as we know it...

Yes, I know I say this every week, but seriously does Monday have to roll around twice as quickly as the weekends?  I'll forever be wishing my life away, I suppose.

Life is slowing returning to our normal pace of hectic and always running behind; or as my grandmother would say, "A day late and a dollar short."

Bailey has returned to college, is living in the dorms, and getting back to being the fun loving kiddo we all know and love.  As much as it pains her to be stuck on the side lines and in the dugout this softball season, there's so much to be said for the power of prayer and her miraculous recovery. 

Just this weekend she was giving her dad and me a full life-size example of how she 'thought' she could just stand on the mound and pitch a little step pitch, to help her team win a few games.  This explanation came with complete body movements of hips, arms, and legs. Who cares if it was on carpet in our house, it was full body movements?  (Secretly I was thinking to myself..."wow, she's gotten so much  mobility back in such a short time.")   The predicted recovery time is a full 2 years, however there's a strong possibility that she will be released to play ball again in the upcoming 2015 Fall Season.  We will see... I believe in miracles and know that nothing is impossible for her to accomplish. 

Now seriously, is there any mother in their right mind that would allow a 19 year old recovering from a full pelvic break and knee reconstruction surgery (4 months ago) get back out in the field to pitch, throw, potentially need to jump out of the way, or just duck and cover to avoid being hit by a fast moving ball?  Uh... NO!!!  :)  But then again, not all softball players are as determined and passionate about the game as Bailey.  However, this is one mom that isn't going to allow her to step back on the mound in a full on college softball game... not yet anyway...I'll probably be chewing on those words sooner rather than later!! Geesh....

While the fear of what could have happened is slowly fading, I'm not at all ready to see her step back in front of a ball yet or step into any dangerous physical activity for several more months. It also doesn't help that the PT at the Dr's office was quick to tell her than her handy knee brace could follow her in life in all kinds of sporting activities.  Such as snow skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, etc.  Uhm... ok, can we not give her any ideas and can you please reiterate to her that this is future activities... far... off in the future, NOT in the next couple of months activities.  ;)

At this point, watching her drive off in her jeep is still cause for concern.   Those 18 wheelers don't discriminate and she's already beat the odds once, I see no reason to risk her luck.  (Wink Wink)   Life goes on, God continues to provide and protect us, and all three of my girls are healthy and happy.  There's just not anything more I could ask.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Worst Nightmare... lived through....only by the Grace of God!

You know the dreaded call at 9:30pm from your kids, telling you they have been in an accident?  Yes.... that one.... we received it on September 26, 2014.  Our worst fears as parents were going through our heads and we were 4 hours away from touching our child. 

On or about 9:05 p.m. an 18 wheeler crossed over the median of Interstate 35, in Oklahoma,  and struck the passenger bus that my daughter and her softball team were traveling in on their way back from a scrimmage game, earlier in the day.  Not only did this truck hit the passenger bus, but it hit them hard enough at a speed of 72mph that the bus flipped over and 'helicoptered' on it's side for several revolutions.  My daughter was seated in the middle of the bus where the strongest force of the impact was felt.

The heartbreaking discovery was that four of the young girls, our daughter's friends, had been killed and we couldn't get to Bailey fast enough to simply reassure ourselves and her that she was going to be ok.  As a parent, it's the most helpless feeling in the world to know your child is hurt, suffering, struggling to live and you can't get to them.  Bailey was  taken to a hospital in OKC via care flight and all we knew was that her injuries were life threatening.  We would learn 24 hours later that the EMT's and Dr's treating her didn't think she would survive.  GUT WRENCHING experience, folks.  Our lives were forever changed in the split second that the truck driver became distracted. 

This is Bailey, our precious 18 year old college sophomore.... about 8 hours after the accident and heavily medicated while in the trauma center of OU Medical Center.  We really did not know the extent of her injuries at this point and we were hanging on to her through lots of tears and countless prayers.  Even now, as I see this picture and think back on that night I am brought to tears. 

I will never be able to say 'thank you' enough to the most caring and wonderfully skilled healthcare professionals that saved Bailey's life; we are truly blessed to have been cared for by these folks at OU Medical Center.  If this tragic accident had to happen, God put his hand on Bailey and guided her to the right place, I will never doubt HIS guidance in all of this.  There are far too many 'God moment's' in all of this experience that continue to bring me to my knees in awe of the power that is HIS.

Monday, November 10, 2014

WHEW... Life is just a big ole' whirl wind... and I've been tossed about!!

Hello blogger friends, long time no blog..... Trying to get my mojo back and hopefully blogging again will offer a little therapy along the way!  :)   So much has happened in my world over the past couple of years; I'll try to find the best way to chronicle the craziness that is my normal - without making anyone too confused. Or.... let's just say, I'll try to share what I can with what few brain cells I have left. 

To start things off..... ugh... my blog looks horrible!!  I really must get busy editing the look of things around here or I'm not even going to want to read it. I need to upload a few new pictures of my diva daughters, they have all grown and changed so much, in so many ways.   So please send me links to your favorite places to beg, borrow, and steal (well, I'll gladly pay for them too) blog designs from and I'll get busy updating my little part the blog world. 

With the popularity of Facebook, I suppose my 'need to know' has been curbed by the constant news feeds on FB.  However.... there's just not much therapy for me in reading newsfeeds and then again there's not much 'sharing' time that I can do on FB without sounding like I'm a negative Nelly, or a prideful Patty.  Ya' know what I mean? 

As always I have a ton of projects going on in my mind and Pinterest and Etsy certainly don't help my need to create, which by the way, is always trumped by my NEED to have a clean and clutter free house.  Therefore -- constant turmoil -- within my already limited brain cells. 

So... now that I feel as if I've confessed my blogging sins of neglect, and I'm promising to do better, I'll leave you with a picture/tease of stories to come....
Yes, my daughter was riding this bus - in the middle - and by the grace of God she survived and is currently at home recovering.  I will have more details and pictures to share in the upcoming days.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look Out... She's got a new ride!!!

At last.... the girl finally decided it was time to park the dying mustang and just go for it!  Brit purchased her own Honda Accord this weekend.  Ahhhh, she's growing up!  I have to give her all the credit, well okay... there was a little motherly nudging going on because I have been having some really strong gut feelings lately that her mustang was a time bomb ticking and just waiting for the right inopportune moment to explode.

Her poor pitiful mustang has over 175,000 miles on it and has been driven hard!!!  I've made jokes that it has more bondo holding it together than actual sheet metal, but sadly it's probably the truth.  Brit's been giving that car heck for 5 years, so when I started getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I knew it was time for her to step up and take action to buy herself a new car.   I just had horrible impending feelings of doom that she was going to be left stranded or something horrible was going to happen while driving it.  All mothers know that feeling, and it's not one you can shake until you fix the problem.

The hardest part was accepting the fact that YES, indeed she could afford a new car!  YES, indeed it is time that she take on this responsibility!  YES, she is an adult, with an adult job and she can do this!!!  After a couple of days of searching on-line and researching she decided that this cute little red Honda was the car for her.  I gotta admit, she makes up her mind much more quickly that I do.  I would probably still be thinking and rethinking my choice. 

So after a few hours of haggling with the dealership and re-haggling, she got the deal she wanted and the deal she could afford.  I think they probably just gave in and let her have it to get rid of her bossy self!   Irregardless, she's on the road and we are all happy with her choice.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Proud Momma Brag

What blog post would be complete without a proud momma brag moment?  So.... with that said....I'm going to brag shamelessly on Bailey who is entering her Sr. year in High School.  As many of you know, she has played select softball for many years and is a fierce competitor with most anything she does.  She pitches approximately 65mph and bats as well as anyone, with her fair share of hits to and over the fence lines.
This summer has been a phenomenal season of softball for her.  Bailey has been very fortunate to play on a team with wonderful coaches that have encouraged her and recognized her true talent and heart for the game; one coach in particular has been her own personal cheerleader with college scouts that have come to the college look tournaments.  She has pushed Bailey to step up and become a team leader as well as a more responsible individual. I have been so impressed that this coach preaches the 'bigger picture' about long term goals and success in life - not so much about the here and now, but more about how softball and college are merely a tool to help you achieve success in your life and long term goals.  (I've been saying the same thing for years, but of course I'm just mom, so it falls on deaf ears!)

We really are so very blessed to have been associated with this coach and could never begin to thank her enough for all that she has done for Bailey and for us.  Now with all of that said, Bailey was offered not one, but two wonderful college scholarship opportunities playing softball.  One was at a Division II college in the metroplex and the other was with a Division I college in East Texas.  After much prayer on my part and lots of talking it out and list making of pros and cons between Bailey and her dad, we decided to go with the Division I college.

I must admit that I am probably as excited as Bailey is about this opportunity!  By no means is this going to be an easy ride for her, she is going to have to study and study hard.  There are definite expectations that she is going to have to uphold, but I'm certain that she realizes the importance of this opportunity and definitely appreciates the faith that the college coaches have placed in her and her abilities. The challenges ahead of her are many, but so are the opportunities.


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