Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Good Ole' Days of Blogging

Remember when blogging was new and we all rushed to our computers each day to read the latest ramblings of our new found on-line best friends?  Remember the excitement, joy, and sadness we all shared in each others' lives? New babies, weddings, prom stories, vacation pictures, craft projects, and newly tested recipes...we shared it complete strangers and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our tidbits of life.

After almost 10 years of reading blogs and establishing a camaraderie with other moms, all with so many great ideas for managing their homes, families, and lives...I'm saddened to discover that many of my favorite blogs have either been inactive (like my own) or have become nothing more than on-line commercials for any and all kinds of 'helpful' products. Slowly the fun and whimsical blogs have become about click counts, number of views, streaming income, and promoting the latest and greatest network marketing plan.  While all of these things have a place in our ever evolving on-line world, for me, the best part was being able to see a glimpse into other mom's lives.  Some bit of comfort could be found in knowing that you weren't the only mom fighting the battles of "what to cook for dinner" or "how to make the perfect cookies" for the class Valentine's party.  Real...True...Life... Struggles!

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that so many bloggers have been able to find forms of income through what they do so well... blogging...but I'm sad that a good thing based around something other than money, has turned into a not so good thing all because of the ever powerful need to generate income. As I putter around online in hopes of discovering new blogs that aren't promoting a product, I realize that blogging just isn't what it use to be in the good ole' days.
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