Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring

Or so the calendar says??  No one is happier than I, to see the spring arrive.  I am NOT a winter person at all and I welcome the warm sunshine...but the catch phrase here... WARM SUNSHINE!!  Hello Mother Nature... Are you out there?  Or are you hibernating!  It's spring, so do your thing and send the sunshine and warmer temps.

My flip flops just don't accommodate my freezing toes when it's wet and cool outside, and I have some new Yellow Box flip flops that are begging to be worn!  Doesn't every good southern girl anticipate the arrival of spring and the season to wear new Yellow Box Flip Flops?  :)

However, today I tried to welcome in the new season while at the park eating my lunch from inside my car, and was entertained by the ducks and geese that call it home.  It's still too cool and WET to enjoy sitting on a park bench and sharing the crumbs with these floating fowl. 

Oh well, no worries!  We can't turn back the calendar and this is Texas, I fully anticipate sunshine and 80* temps within a few days.  Welcome Spring!

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