Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pyrex Mania

My little addiction has become a contagious situation!! My oldest daughter, Brittany, has recently caught the Pyrex fever.  How was I to know that I could inflict my silly little obsession on my children?  Who knew? 

I've been a hard core fan/lover of vintage Pyrex for probably 30 years, but until the Internet and Pinterest came along, I had no idea there were LOTS of other people with Pyrex fever.  Oh be still my heart.... Pinterest is just straight up eye candy for those of us in love with vintage Pyrex dishes. 

I have been collecting a few pieces here and there over the past 10 years and my collection started when I inherited the yellow/gold daisy pattern bowls from my grandmother.  I've since enlarged my collection to include solid red bowls, refrigerator dishes, divided serving trays, the primary color mixing bowls and now I'm on the hunt for a mint set of 'friendship' patterned Cinderella bowls in the red/yellow design.  There are just too many fun patterns and colors and too little time and money. 

However, I've recently started 'helping' my daughter collect the turquoise Amish butterprint dishes.  These are the various dishes I found for her birthday this month; it was no easy task to give them up... even if it was to my own daughter!!!  ~ sign~

I hope she appreciates the brutal restraint that it took for me to hand them over, the physical pain that my body went through to share my finds.  That's love people!

Oh well, my hunt for the perfect priced Pyrex items continues and just so you know, these are the bowl that I'm on the lookout for. 

Now with that said if anyone reading my blog is in possession of or has seen some in a garage sale/thrift store... PLEASE for the love of all that is right, contact me!!! I'll pay real money, not monopoly money!  I promise!  (Hmmm... that probably sounded like a drug dealer!) LOL
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