Monday, February 16, 2015

Returning to life, as we know it...

Yes, I know I say this every week, but seriously does Monday have to roll around twice as quickly as the weekends?  I'll forever be wishing my life away, I suppose.

Life is slowing returning to our normal pace of hectic and always running behind; or as my grandmother would say, "A day late and a dollar short."

Bailey has returned to college, is living in the dorms, and getting back to being the fun loving kiddo we all know and love.  As much as it pains her to be stuck on the side lines and in the dugout this softball season, there's so much to be said for the power of prayer and her miraculous recovery. 

Just this weekend she was giving her dad and me a full life-size example of how she 'thought' she could just stand on the mound and pitch a little step pitch, to help her team win a few games.  This explanation came with complete body movements of hips, arms, and legs. Who cares if it was on carpet in our house, it was full body movements?  (Secretly I was thinking to myself..."wow, she's gotten so much  mobility back in such a short time.")   The predicted recovery time is a full 2 years, however there's a strong possibility that she will be released to play ball again in the upcoming 2015 Fall Season.  We will see... I believe in miracles and know that nothing is impossible for her to accomplish. 

Now seriously, is there any mother in their right mind that would allow a 19 year old recovering from a full pelvic break and knee reconstruction surgery (4 months ago) get back out in the field to pitch, throw, potentially need to jump out of the way, or just duck and cover to avoid being hit by a fast moving ball?  Uh... NO!!!  :)  But then again, not all softball players are as determined and passionate about the game as Bailey.  However, this is one mom that isn't going to allow her to step back on the mound in a full on college softball game... not yet anyway...I'll probably be chewing on those words sooner rather than later!! Geesh....

While the fear of what could have happened is slowly fading, I'm not at all ready to see her step back in front of a ball yet or step into any dangerous physical activity for several more months. It also doesn't help that the PT at the Dr's office was quick to tell her than her handy knee brace could follow her in life in all kinds of sporting activities.  Such as snow skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, etc.  Uhm... ok, can we not give her any ideas and can you please reiterate to her that this is future activities... far... off in the future, NOT in the next couple of months activities.  ;)

At this point, watching her drive off in her jeep is still cause for concern.   Those 18 wheelers don't discriminate and she's already beat the odds once, I see no reason to risk her luck.  (Wink Wink)   Life goes on, God continues to provide and protect us, and all three of my girls are healthy and happy.  There's just not anything more I could ask.

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