Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Worst Nightmare... lived through....only by the Grace of God!

You know the dreaded call at 9:30pm from your kids, telling you they have been in an accident?  Yes.... that one.... we received it on September 26, 2014.  Our worst fears as parents were going through our heads and we were 4 hours away from touching our child. 

On or about 9:05 p.m. an 18 wheeler crossed over the median of Interstate 35, in Oklahoma,  and struck the passenger bus that my daughter and her softball team were traveling in on their way back from a scrimmage game, earlier in the day.  Not only did this truck hit the passenger bus, but it hit them hard enough at a speed of 72mph that the bus flipped over and 'helicoptered' on it's side for several revolutions.  My daughter was seated in the middle of the bus where the strongest force of the impact was felt.

The heartbreaking discovery was that four of the young girls, our daughter's friends, had been killed and we couldn't get to Bailey fast enough to simply reassure ourselves and her that she was going to be ok.  As a parent, it's the most helpless feeling in the world to know your child is hurt, suffering, struggling to live and you can't get to them.  Bailey was  taken to a hospital in OKC via care flight and all we knew was that her injuries were life threatening.  We would learn 24 hours later that the EMT's and Dr's treating her didn't think she would survive.  GUT WRENCHING experience, folks.  Our lives were forever changed in the split second that the truck driver became distracted. 

This is Bailey, our precious 18 year old college sophomore.... about 8 hours after the accident and heavily medicated while in the trauma center of OU Medical Center.  We really did not know the extent of her injuries at this point and we were hanging on to her through lots of tears and countless prayers.  Even now, as I see this picture and think back on that night I am brought to tears. 

I will never be able to say 'thank you' enough to the most caring and wonderfully skilled healthcare professionals that saved Bailey's life; we are truly blessed to have been cared for by these folks at OU Medical Center.  If this tragic accident had to happen, God put his hand on Bailey and guided her to the right place, I will never doubt HIS guidance in all of this.  There are far too many 'God moment's' in all of this experience that continue to bring me to my knees in awe of the power that is HIS.

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