Monday, November 10, 2014

WHEW... Life is just a big ole' whirl wind... and I've been tossed about!!

Hello blogger friends, long time no blog..... Trying to get my mojo back and hopefully blogging again will offer a little therapy along the way!  :)   So much has happened in my world over the past couple of years; I'll try to find the best way to chronicle the craziness that is my normal - without making anyone too confused. Or.... let's just say, I'll try to share what I can with what few brain cells I have left. 

To start things off..... ugh... my blog looks horrible!!  I really must get busy editing the look of things around here or I'm not even going to want to read it. I need to upload a few new pictures of my diva daughters, they have all grown and changed so much, in so many ways.   So please send me links to your favorite places to beg, borrow, and steal (well, I'll gladly pay for them too) blog designs from and I'll get busy updating my little part the blog world. 

With the popularity of Facebook, I suppose my 'need to know' has been curbed by the constant news feeds on FB.  However.... there's just not much therapy for me in reading newsfeeds and then again there's not much 'sharing' time that I can do on FB without sounding like I'm a negative Nelly, or a prideful Patty.  Ya' know what I mean? 

As always I have a ton of projects going on in my mind and Pinterest and Etsy certainly don't help my need to create, which by the way, is always trumped by my NEED to have a clean and clutter free house.  Therefore -- constant turmoil -- within my already limited brain cells. 

So... now that I feel as if I've confessed my blogging sins of neglect, and I'm promising to do better, I'll leave you with a picture/tease of stories to come....
Yes, my daughter was riding this bus - in the middle - and by the grace of God she survived and is currently at home recovering.  I will have more details and pictures to share in the upcoming days.
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