Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look Out... She's got a new ride!!!

At last.... the girl finally decided it was time to park the dying mustang and just go for it!  Brit purchased her own Honda Accord this weekend.  Ahhhh, she's growing up!  I have to give her all the credit, well okay... there was a little motherly nudging going on because I have been having some really strong gut feelings lately that her mustang was a time bomb ticking and just waiting for the right inopportune moment to explode.

Her poor pitiful mustang has over 175,000 miles on it and has been driven hard!!!  I've made jokes that it has more bondo holding it together than actual sheet metal, but sadly it's probably the truth.  Brit's been giving that car heck for 5 years, so when I started getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I knew it was time for her to step up and take action to buy herself a new car.   I just had horrible impending feelings of doom that she was going to be left stranded or something horrible was going to happen while driving it.  All mothers know that feeling, and it's not one you can shake until you fix the problem.

The hardest part was accepting the fact that YES, indeed she could afford a new car!  YES, indeed it is time that she take on this responsibility!  YES, she is an adult, with an adult job and she can do this!!!  After a couple of days of searching on-line and researching she decided that this cute little red Honda was the car for her.  I gotta admit, she makes up her mind much more quickly that I do.  I would probably still be thinking and rethinking my choice. 

So after a few hours of haggling with the dealership and re-haggling, she got the deal she wanted and the deal she could afford.  I think they probably just gave in and let her have it to get rid of her bossy self!   Irregardless, she's on the road and we are all happy with her choice.

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