Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Back to reality.... tomorrow...whether I'm ready or not! 

The Christmas decorations are back in their boxes, the holiday foods and leftovers have been thrown out, and the house is clean enough for me to feel somewhat prepared to return to our usual unorganized 'normal'.   I may only be working part-time, but I still have all of the year-end responsibilities and I know the next few weeks are going to be challenging and stressful.

As I type this, the washer and dryer are busily doing their jobs and the dishwasher is on to finish the last few dishes that I gathered from around the house that had made their way to kids' rooms.  Bailey and her dog, Jaxon, have returned to their apartment, Briley is cleaning her room, and I'm trying to convince myself to use the spare time I have today to do some de-cluttering in preparation for our upcoming house remodel.

This year, my husband and I took a few days to venture out of  our usual homebody-selves and drove back into Dallas 3 consecutive days to eat at 3 of his favorite restaurants.  He finds the neatest, off the beaten path eateries in the area and visits them when he takes his customers out for lunch.  Which for him is usually 4 out of 5 days a week.  Lunch for me is eaten at my desk and usually a frozen dinner or leftovers from home.  Needless to say, our little excursions were quite a treat for me.

One day we had dinner in the back of an Italian grocery store, Jimmy's Food Store...excellent authentic Italian food and delicious cannoli.   The next afternoon, we had the best prime-rib french dip sandwiches with onion rings (The Hall); who could ask for anything more?

And then yesterday, we went to a restaurant that is owned by one of my husband's high school pals and it was delicious home-cooking with a Cajun food twist. (Po Melvin's)  I felt like I needed to be rolled back out to the car.  The food here was perfect for this southern girl that loves fried foods!  :)

I am one fat and sassy gal!  I had to clean out all of the holiday food in the house...it was a necessity; I have to be able to fit into my clothes!  LOL

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