Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ICEMAGEDDON in Texas - 2015

Yep, it happens... about once a year we get ICE!  Not soft fluffy snow that sounds and looks like fun in all of the movies.  You know...the ones where the family gets outside together, bundles up and has a great time building snow men and having snow ball fights?  Uh... yea... that's not going to happen in the metroplex of Texas!!!  ~ Sigh~ 

However what we will have is layers of heavy and unforgiving ICE and sleet.  Why do people get on Facebook and talk about their drive into work on these days, as if they expect an award?  As if they have accomplished the impossible!  Well... let me tell ya'... my life and that of other innocent idiot drivers is much too important to risk it for a day of work.  There's a reason I am not employed in the medical field or as a first responder.  It's because I am WEAK!  Very WEAK, I tell ya'!   When the DFW metroplex gets lucky enough to have a legitimate day or two of ice/snow, I am going to be curled up on my couch in my pj's watching the news reports of all other idiots that felt they needed to prove how well they could (or couldn't) travel on SHEETS OF ICE!  People, we are not talking about snow, slush, or just freezing rain; we are talking about hard core inches of ICE!!  Ice, Ice BABY!

Not to worry, just about as quickly as the ice piles up, it melts away.  Just give it a few hours and we will have sunshine and warmer temps to bring us back to the reality that there is nothing romantic or even remotely fun (other than a day off of work/school) about the ice. 

Back to the office and back to school to make-up the missed time and remember how great it was to sleep in for ONE day or to sit around drinking hot cocoa and watching mindless TV.  It's great family time because no one can get away, and it's great time for catching up on movies, closet cleaning, shrink dink making, or household projects.  (Briley and I made quite a few fun Shrinky Dinks yesterday...just because.) :)

You'll notice the finished pillow, while it's not a big deal and it took me less than an hour from start to finish, but it had been a thorn in my side for months.  Bailey lost her first pillow like this in the bus crash and I had made it to match her dorm bedding.  (Since the accident she has been very OCD about putting all of her pieces back together.) So like any good mother, I assured her that I could make another; after all I have plenty of material left.  Well...almost 5 months later and I still hadn't completed my 'easy peasy' pillow... until Icemageddon 2015!! I sat down, cleaned off my sewing table and just whipped it right out.  You can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment; it's quite pathetic that such a small thing, requiring very little skill, could feel so good to finish!! 

Maybe I should implement a 'snow/ice day', at least one Saturday out of each month... for no other reason that to get caught up on projects and family time.  I doubt I could get anyone else to go along with my idea, but I might consider allowing myself one Saturday a month to sew or do a craft project without any guilt for not scrubbing toilets or mopping floors. 
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