Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It really happened...DFW got SNOW!

Don't burst my bubble yet, I know this isn't really real well ok, I guess it's real.  This just isn't the quantity of snow that so many of our neighbors to the north are dealing with, at the moment.  **Reason #877 why I am so very glad that I live in the south and in TEXAS!  While dealing with this snow is an occasional inconvenience, it's not a way of life or anything I have to learn to work around.

This morning Briley and I were both dressed and ready to leave for school and work, but the snow had just begun and was coming down in big massive chunky flakes.  My maternal instinct and limited exposure to snow told me to WAIT!  Don't leave the house! 

What if I dropped her off at school and then had to just turn around and go back to get her because they were dismissing school early? 

This thought and many others were running through my head; most especially visual images of ME being stuck in a ditch somewhere because I am not prepared to drive in snow and I'm even less equipped to be cold and in a ditch! 

Briley was not a happy camper when it comes to getting up and dressed for school, to only find out that we were not going to school... just yet.  
She didn't let a little snow-day delay her from returning to her natural position and snoozing for a few minutes.  It's a rough life, no doubt!  :)  I'm surprised the cat wasn't curled up beside her!!  (She was even unhappier when she realized that I was going to be taking her to school, eventually.  I mean.. if I have to work, she has to go to school.  It's only fair? Right?)

Once I heard that the road were clear and school wasn't going to be dismissed, we proceeded to school and work.  Both of us arrived safely and the snow has stopped in DFW.  I suppose that was the ONE snow day of the year we get around here, and it was only HALF of a day.  Can't complain too much, but that sunshine better be out this afternoon and the roads better be dry!  I'm ready to be done with winter.  I know.. .I know... I should probably duck and hide from all of you throwing actual snow balls at me. 
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