Monday, March 31, 2008

This is the wand that we (uhhh..... MOM) made at the Tea Party! Much more challenging than meets the eye! But, now I've learned a new craft, working with beads! Those are slippery little rascals!
Next up, the girls made princess crowns for the teddy bears (which we didn't bring because we were too busy having a little temper tantrum over what dress to wear, so the teddy bear got left behind.) Posted by Picasa

And finally, the girls all decorated a picture frame as a keepsake for a picture of them at the Tea Party. Whew.... that was a busy two hours, but I'm so glad that Briley and I enjoyed the time together. I hope this is something she will remember doing with Girl Scouts when she is older.

Now for your viewing pleasure, a brief glimpse of ME.... taken by a 7 year old. I don't guarantee how long I will let this picture stay, but here it is:
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