Friday, February 13, 2009

Let me first say, that I don't really participate in this whoo haaa of Valentine's Day; I'm forced by society to buy cheap paper cards for my children to hand out to their classmates! Forced, I tell ya'!
Well this year it is worse - I have been suckered into helping out with Briley's class party. All because I felt guilty for not making it to her Christmas Party! See this guilt stuff really does have a domino effect....
Anyway, this afternoon I have taken a half-day off using my vacation time and I will be rushing home to make several plates of sandwhiches to take to the class party. If all goes well, the sandwhiches will be in the shape of hearts, but I'm not making any promises. For some reason, my attempts at being crafty and creative don't always work out for the best?
Now as far as my personal plans for Valentine's day... well.. uh.... NADDA! BIG NOTHING! I know for a fact that Al and I will not be going out to eat on Saturday! That is absolutely the worst time to try to get a table ANYWHERE! I just don't enjoy standing in line and waiting an hour or more for a table? Ya' know?
I'm sure Al will get each of the girls a sweet card and some sort of box of chocolate that only ONE of the girls will eat. LOL Brit and Briley don't like chocolate and neither will eat candy, so basically Bailey makes a haul on leftover chocolates! :) I try to tell him this EACH AND EVERY YEAR, but he still comes home with those nasty heart shaped boxes of candy that have the worst gooey centers! GAG! (hmmm??? I wonder where Brit and Briley get their hatred of candy from? )
Oh well - I hope each of you have a wonderful day spent with whomever and however you choose! Give a hug or Get a hug - it's all good!

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