Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was DEPOSED...

Have you ever had to give a deposition? Well I did for the first time yesterday. It was a very interesting process and very informative.

As I've mentioned before, I am being sued - for a wreck I was involved in, but didn't cause. However the crazy passenger of the vehicle that HIT ME is suing me for her damages. Let me let you in on a little secret - she's a crazy admitted METH ADDICT! She's been previously convicted of felonies and has served time in the State Prison system. The plot thickens...

She admitted on the record yesterday that she really didn't see the accident because she was digging in her purse at the time and she only knew what the 'stoned' driver of the car that hit me told her.... Okay so moving on...

Apparently she and the driver of this car had mixed drugs and alcohol on the day of the wreck and are both current USERS! Uh ... HELLO - can we say crazy ? Oh it just keeps getting better and my mouth hung open most of the day as my attorney was sharing with me the minute details. Another little interesting tid-bit - she admitted to having committed a few other criminal offenses that she has not been charged for.. ie... car theft - tax evasion - employment fraud - OH MY!!! Folks, I couldn't make this stuff up, if I tried! It's just too incredible to describe.

The plaintiff's most recent incidents include taking several trips to the area hospitals - each week - to get pain pill prescriptions that she has filled at varying pharmacies so that they can't trace her addictions. Also turns out that she's spent some time in the Mental Hospital - recently- and has a shaved head to show for it!

I promise you - I was amazed, in shock and just completely stunned that someone would openly admit to this stuff - much less under OATH?

Needless to say, my Attorney has assured me that my case is by far the most absurd case she's ever tried in the past 20 years!! I'm glad I can make history - some how?

I'll keep you posted as this case evolves! I'm so glad to know that our hard earned insurance dollars are spent on such frivolous law suits! NOT!
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