Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Free At Last - Thank God Almighty - I'm Free At Last!!!

Well maybe not quite 'FREE', but I do feel like some of my burdens have been lifted. Ya' wanna know why? Well............... Brittany - the Queen Diva - has turned 18!! Yes, yes, that's right - I let her live to see her 18th Birthday. I don't know who is more excited by this fact?

In all honesty, I can still remember the day she was born, as if it was yesterday! I still remember the many nights I spent rocking and holding my baby as she was suffering with fever and ear infections, the tears I shed on her first day of school and the smile in her eyes when each of her sisters were born! I know my baby girl is in that evil teenager - somewhere - I just know it! :)

Now... if God will just grant me the strength I need to get Bailey to 18 - this one is going to be tough! LOL
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