Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And YOU thought the preppy pink look was out of style?

Whew... it's so good to know that I'm not as 'out of style' as my children would have me to believe. For years now - well okay - for 20+ years- I have loved the preppy pink look, the green and pink plaids, the many styles of polka dots, traditional southern charm and the glamour of being a southern belle!

Well ya' know what? It's okay! I've found an entire group of ladies that feel the same way... Woo Hoo... I found my niche' ! (Don't burst my bubble.... I going to run with this as an excuse to bring back out my pink and green plaid Bermuda shorts!)

These are some great websites that will only feed my hunger for all things preppy... take a looksie and either have a great laugh at my expense or just enjoy the goodness of it all! - Always Pretty in Pink - Diary of a Southern Belle - Miss Janice

These ladies really understand what being 'southern' is all about - now all this time that my friends and family have told me I was living in a world all of my own; well here's what I have to say to you " Nuh uh!!! I'm not crazy - the old southern charm and preppy ways of life are still alive and well!"

Now if you will excuse me, I must go have a spot of tea in my pretty pink and white china cup with my little pinkie stuck up in the air!
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