Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleep-A-Way Camp is a good thing!

Sunday afternoon, we loaded the car and headed to Texas A&M with Bailey and her softball gear -ready for a few fun filled days of SOFTBALL CAMP! She may only be staying for three days, but we had a suitcase big enough and full enough to last a month - or so it looked like. We had to take towels, sheets, water, Gatorade, snacks, and let's not forget a couple changes of clothes for each day. No one wants to be around a sweaty and stinky 13 yr old girl! Trust's not a good thing! :)

The only other sleep-a-way camp Bailey has ever attended was a Cheer Camp at SMU and for as far as learning anything? UH?? Well??? She basically learned that those little Jr. High cheerleaders were EVIL and the Cheer Sponsor wasn't much better!! The entire week at SMU was filled with daily drama fests and gossip sessions about EACH OTHER and the ridiculous insistence that everyone wear the exact same freakin' bow in their hair! LOL For the record, Bailey doesn't do bows!! So enough about the horrible experience at cheer camp -moving on...

Bailey had been a little apprehensive because she was going 'alone' and didn't have anyone from her team or school going too and didn't know who she would be rooming with. I tried to reassure her that the best year at camp for me personally, (yes that would be BAND CAMP) was the year that I went alone and just took my chances with whomever they stuck me with for a roommate. It was great! I met so many new people and had so much fun without any drama!

As of this morning - Good news!! I received a text message from Bailey this morning that said, "Mom you were right! I'm glad I'm not here with anyone I know. I'm having a great time!"....Okay - now my eyes are welling up and I'm so proud of her for putting herself out there and just going with the flow! She's always been my little survivor and I don't know why I was even worried! At this point, I don't care if she learns anything new about softball (shhh... don't tell her dad I said that!). I just want her to enjoy and learn from the experience of meeting new people, learning her way around summer camp and hopefully picking up on a few ideas of how to become more independent, in a positive way? Ya' know? Without me! (I will regret that I said that, won't I? LOL ) I want her to build up a yearning for going to a University in the next short 4 years... I want her to crave that independence she needs to better herself and to move outside of the small-town box we live in!

I'm not asking for too much? Am I?
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