Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update from the Dr

I went to the Dr yesterday for the results of all of my tests and apparently the stuck valve in my heart is not the problem! Whew...the ideas he had thrown out at me about how to fix this little situation, did not appeal to me, AT ALL!!!
The Cardiologist seems to think that all of my issues are related to weight (go figure?), high blood pressure, and mounds and mounds of stress! Gee.... Ya' think? By the time I finally get into the examining room, after waiting for 2 hours... I have developed a slight twitch? Stress? Anxiety? Really now?

I've been trying to tell the Neurologist, the Internist and now the Cardiologist about how much stress and anxiety I have in my life - they all think I'm crazy! MEN!!! They don't have a clue! No one seems to quite understand that the minute my feet hit the ground in the morning I'm running a flipping marathon!! It's a mad dash to get the girls up and out the door and on the way to school. Now, I know what you're going to say... "maybe I should get up earlier?". Well... uh... I don't know how much earlier I can get up, unless of course I just fore go sleeping all together? These people will not get out of bed! They are not morning people - and neither were their decedents....on their father's side! At 70 yrs old, the great grandmother would still be lying in bed at NOON, with a cigarette in one hand and cup of coffee in another? See... this is deep rooted!!! The stress just continues to carry on throughout the day for me - once I hit the office door - the fun starts!

Anyway, after the Dr. elaborated on my issues and what I needed to do to adjust my lifestyle, I left there with 4 Rx's and hopefully something will help. The panic attacks/heart palpitations are getting worse and more intense and just seem to wear me out. Oh and I got a nifty new prescription for Xanax! LOL Woo Hoo......I"m good to go! LOL

So there you have it....I'm not dying yet! I need to loose weight, I need to exercise more, and I guess I just need to keep watching what I eat (as if I don't already!). Now the only sure fire way to relieve my stress is to meet some nice, rich, handsome man to take away all of my worries and promise me the moon!

OUCH!! You didn't have to pinch me! I know I'm dreaming.
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