Monday, October 19, 2009

The big 'what to be' for Halloween has been decided!

For the past two weeks, Briley has been nagging me constantly about Halloween and what kind of costume she wanted and where are we going trick-or-treating, and who was going to take her, and... and... and....???!!?? I have literally had to threaten her that if I heard another word about costumes or "WHEN" we were going shopping, she wouldn't even get to Trick-or Treat! When I say Nagging - that word just doesn't do her constant, incessant, whining, moaning, and overall obnoxiousness real justice!

You know, I'm a mean mommy - I can do this and not feel the least bit guilty! Besides, I have teenagers - I don't scare easily and I don't make idol threats! LOL

So yesterday I geared myself up for taking her into the Big Halloween Store near the mall - you know - the ones that are only open for a month or so and sell everything you could possible imagine for Halloween from the fun to the gruesome.

Before we even walked into the store I told her the rules (the same ones each year since Brit sported her first halloween pumpkin baby costume) 1)we were not spending a lot of money on this mess (I absolutely despise the whole ordeal of dressing up for 45 minutes of candy begging!)2) She would not be wearing anything gruesome or scary, 3) She would not wear a costume that I considered inappropriate for her age or SKANKY! and finally 4)I was not going to wander and lolly gag around this store looking at this junk for hours - it was going to be quick and painless - PERIOD!!!

Believe it or not - Briley quickly decided that she wanted to be a Genie, BUT there's that whole showing your belly button issue-- She's not much into that and I can't say that I blame her. Moving further around the corner we discovered the Geisha Girl costume, complete with chopsticks for her hair!

I had no idea she would have gone for a costume that was so toned down and let's not forget - CHEAP! Briley was totally excited about it - I think the chopsticks for her hair cinched the deal.

So there you have it,15 mintues in the store and it's decided - Briley will be a Geisha Girl - completely covered in clothing and not a lot of make-up needed to make the costume identifiable.

As soon as we returned home, she was already trying on her costume and annoying everyone in the house pretending to speak Japanese - ugh - this could be a VERY long couple of weeks!

Oh, and the chopstick hair accessories have been hidden until we need to wear them - 'cause I know if left out in plain view they will turn into drum sticks and used all over the house, or they will become a new weapon of choice to be used on sisters or cats. ** Always thinking ahead or trying to prevent some sort of obnoxious behavior!**
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