Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School is Out!

Yep, you know the drill... "Mom, I"m Bored!"

It's already started. This is going to be a LONG HOT SUMMER! (Isn't there a movie with that title?)

In the past week, the girls have rediscovered Mario Brothers and their Nintendo Games ...I'm hoping this entertainment will carry us through another few days or so?

Briley has spent a few days with her Mimi and now she wants to live there. They have a Wii and we don't! They have a next door neighbor with a swimming pool, and we don't! I think you can see what the priorities are for a 9 year old?

Bailey is busy with softball and we have quite a few tournaments lined up for the summer. I guess the only vacation I'm going to get this year is going to be sitting at ball parks.... just like every other summer of my life for the past 10 years or so?

Brit is still working and living at home. Yes, I know... shocker there! But then again, as long as that umbilical cord is still attached, she isn't going to get very far away from Mom or Mom's fridge! :) On a brighter note...Brit is doing much better than I imagined with her on-line college courses. Who knew? I figured it would be another example of me throwing money into a burning pit, but she seems to be taking it seriously and doing very well with her grades. Maybe we've turned a corner in Diva Drama Land. (I think someone should make a board game for young mothers. It should be something like Candy Land, but DRAMA LAND!)

Well now you know - it's just summer and we are chasing our tales around in a circle and trying to keep cool from these crazy 100* temps.

Don't give up on me yet, I'll be back soon with pictures of something? Not sure what, just yet?
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