Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break! Let the fun begin!

Are you new here? 

You should have realized by now and after reading so many of my random posts that there was going to be very little spring breaking going on! :)

Oh sure... school is out for the week, but soccer, softball and pig feeding continues.  The only difference is that we don't have homework thrown into the mix this week.  For that, I am grateful!

Every day this week, I still have to figure out a way to get Bailey to and from soccer and softball practice during the middle of the day.  Because you realize she doesn't drive yet, and I work all week... so??? I'm relying on the patience and kindness of other kiddos that have their drivers' license.  JOY JOY!

Every day this week, we still have to dredge down to the pig barn and feed those nasty creatures - twice a day - with a concoction of feeds that is as precisely measured and monitored as if we were making a cake for the Queen.  Unbelievable!!!  Each day I remind myself  that raising pigs for the FFA or 4H groups is most definitely a labor of love for our children.   These little jewels are all about teaching responsibility and I get that, really I do.  HOWEVER, I didn't need to learn responsibility... I have three of my own little reminders of my everlasting responsibility!

My task at hand for this week is to clean out my car!  Oh, I'm sure you can imagine the little flakes of pig poop that have made their way into my car are starting to really stink as the temperatures in the car rise... yes.... you get the idea!  Not to mention the bits of pig feed that have spilled out of the buckets and now it smells like a grain barn in the back of my car. 

Remember... this is a labor of love!  Or else I would be considered stark raving mad to allow this craziness to continue!  (See how I have to keep reassuring myself of this fact?)

Anyway, it is Spring Break and that means all of this nasty cold weather and long gloomy days are surely about to end.  Bring on the sunshine!  I need to feel the heat of the sun and smell the flowers blooming.  (Pardon me, while I sneeze my head off.)    Spring time is great!  (sniff... sniff)

Softball season is starting and I am all about sitting in the stands watching Bailey pitch their team to a District Win.  I'm also all about sitting in the stands and listening to Briley whine at me about being hungry, which direction the wind is blowing, and how she is BORED!  Oh yes, the joys of spring time!  (I need to remember to stock up on sunflower seeds to keep Briley entertained!)

Believe it or not, this is my favorite time of year.
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