Monday, February 18, 2008

How did our grandparents sleep ...

in such small beds? This weekend as I was at home with a sick kiddo and a sick husband and as I am lying in our king size bed listening to both of them snore, I began to think about my grandmother (God rest her soul). How in the world did she ever get any sleep in such small beds? She and my grandfather were big Germans and for many years they shared a full size bed! Not to mention that they raised 4 children, surely there were nights when she had to share her bed with her husband and a child? HOW did she do it? Did she awake in the morning with a backache? Did she awake in the morning more tired than when she went to bed? Oh how I wish I could go back and ask her about this stuff? I feel like I could really identify with her more, now that I'm older and have my own kids to raise.

Not long after I was born, my grandfather moved a twin bed into their bed room and he slept in a twin bed, and my grandmother slept in the full size bed...I completely understand how and why they needed their own space! Good Grief!!!! GIVE ME ROOM!!!!!

After a few years of listening to my grandfather snore, my grandmother moved into another bedroom - which I can completely understand - that man could raise the roof after a long day of farming and gardening! LOL. After a while, it just became the norm to see them with different bedrooms and it really didn't seem to bother them either. Heck, I guess after living with someone for over 50 years, you begin to feel very comfortable within your relationship and realize that it just is what it is!

I wonder, if they had enjoyed the comfort of a king size bed, would they have continued to share their space? I wonder even now, how much longer I can continue to share my space with my husband... there are nights when a pillow over his face is very tempting! LOL There are times when I want a girly-girl bedroom with ruffles and lace, but I realize that HE would never stand for it.... sooooo.... how do you feel about sharing your sleeping space?
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