Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NEW Sewing Pattern Storage

The problem is solved!!! For months... years.... I have been moving and sorting and just basically trying to figure out a way to store my sewing patterns in a functioning fashion. Normally, I am the queen of plastic tubs and as such I have tubs in every color and shape in every closet of my home. However, I wanted something a little more tasteful and fun to store my patterns in.... sooooo.... after several months of looking and perusing through websites and various stores I finally found something that reached out and grabbed me..... The Container Store....had just what I wanted. So, Sunday Brit and I drove all the way over to Northpark, which is a good 60 miles or so from our home and after about an hour of oooohing and ahhhhing through the store and daydreaming about how to decorate her dorm room - we discovered these..... I absolutely adore these! I bought one of the middle size and one of the smaller size. My patterns fit perfectly into both! This isn't exactly the pattern I chose, but the internet didn't have my selection - which was a solid beige-ish color with off white swirls?? Yes, I stink at descriptions... but these storage totes are PERFECT!!!
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