Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahhhh.... Fresh Fabric! Do you feel it?

Do you feel the sheer excitement and anticipation when you enter a fabric store? Boy oh boy, I do! I remember a quaint little fabric store that wasn't far from our home when I was a child. Each summer, my mom and I would make several trips to The Yardstick to purchase fabric for her sewing adventures. I just become down right giddy, my heart flutters and my pulse races at all of the bolts of fabric and patterns just waiting to be discovered.

I absolutely love to wander and look, touch, feel, dream and flip through the pages of the pattern books trying to decide what I want to make/sew. And as usual after a summer afternoon of dreaming among the bolts of material, mom and I both left the fabric store with big hopes and even bigger expectations of how much sewing "we" could get done during the summer.

Now when I say 'we', it's more of a collective type of sewing.... I would sit on the bed in the sewing room while she would cut out and sew for hours as I chattered her ears off. Usually there was some bribery on her part - meaning I would have to go in and fix a quick lunch for my dad when he got home or get dinner started for her, so she could finish some elaborate project I had begged her to do. LOL I didn't mind it at all because I usually always ended up with a new dress for Church the next Sunday or a new outfit to wear immediately. Ahhh... I just wish I could bribe HER to sew for me again! I need some new mama-made clothes!

This weekend I ventured into a fabric store and instantly it began to feel like summertime to me again. All of the fresh new bolts of printed fabric and lightweight cottons were calling out to me. I felt as if the pages of the pattern books were calling my name. What's a girl to do? I had to stop and look, touch, and dream.... however as sad as it is, Briley doesn't have my same addictions and attractions to fabric, so my time in the fabric store was short. Not to worry, I am still yearning for and planning an afternoon alone when I can spend some quiet time looking through the pages of the pattern books and dreaming up what my next sewing adventure is going to be.

After all of these years, I still have and cherish that dear Bernina sewing machine that offered me so many wonderous adventures...i.e... outfits! LOL It holds a very prestigious place in my home and believe it or not, my mother would still prefer to sew on her 'old' Bernina instead of her shiney new Bernina....? What's up with that? LOL
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