Monday, May 5, 2008

Mamma Gets A New Pair Of Shoes

Yes, let's all rejoice together in the magical day that Mamma gets some new shoes!!!
WOOO HOOOO....... (Hey, I even bought myself some new socks... and they match! What a concept?)

After spending another day walking around in $9 flip flops and regretting it for the next two days, I finally broke down and went shopping for some new sneakers! Now, let me preface my purchase with the fact that I NEVER get new shoes! EVER!! (Unless of course it's new flip-flops! DUH!) So anyway, after hobling around and cursing my feet I went shopping and went straight to the Nike Outlet store and bought the most expensived pair on the shelves! I have no idea if these are going to make my feet and back feel better, but they helped my ego a little bit! I have never in my entire life owned a pair of sneakers that were $100!!!! Now $100 for sandals... well yes... my Born's...but that is a no-brainer! They are flip flops - another - duh moment! LOL

Here are the infamous sneakers that are now resting on my feet!

I remember that most of my life my grandmother owned many a pair of Nike's in various colors that would match her dresses, so maybe my feet angst is inherited? If she had lived long enough for me to know that I was going to suffer the same with my feet, I certainly would have picked her brain a little more about this foot trama/fetish I seem to have!

I really don't know if this is inherited and I really don't care! All that matters is that Mamma Got a NEW Pair of Shoes! It's nothing short of a miracle! I also left the box with the whopping price tag just lying around in the house.... I just dare anyone in my household to question me over spending so much money for sneakers! Just go head... stick your head out - you'll pull back a nub! LOL

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