Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do you speak 'teenager'?

I guess I'm out of the link.... I don't speak it and can barely interpret the teenage language! Last night as we are all standing around the bar eating dinner (Note to self - pizza delivery and standing at the kitchen bar doesn't consitute a family meal...) I began to listen to my teens. I guess I never really took the time or was conscious enough to care before now, but they are butchering the English language - LOL. Not only were there so many grammatical errors, but the use of words was appauling! (I can say this because they are my monsters and I don't really think they speak this way in public?) Along with the corruption of the speaking skills, they have mastered speaking with their mouths full and mumbling! Where oh where did I go wrong? Obviously this is some horrible effect of public school and eating in the cafeteria?
Every other word was 'freaking'! (insert rolling eyes) This is one of my least favorite words, not that I don't say it occassionally, but for some reason I think it looks/sounds really tacky when a 13 year old rattles it out of their mouth? I rank it right up there with the really ugly ones and get so tired of hearing it around the house. Here are a few of the terms I heard last night:
freakin' TV
dang chair
stupid guy
lesbo girl
Oh My Gosh!! Let me offer a bit of a disclaimer here ~ I did try to correct them and their language and luckily Briley was too involved in her hamburger pizza and the Sponge Bob cartoon to pay attention to the words flying around the pizza!
Are these kids allowed to speak this way in their classrooms? I just don't understand how the teenage language has become so 'raw'? On second thought, maybe I should be glad that my kids are atleast communicating with me and each other? Hmmmm???? Something to think about!
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