Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First up, is Briley and her very first Coach-Pitch softball game. Her team didn't win, but then again they didn't get stomped either! The final score was 4 to 6, and condering that the majority of our team had never played ball before and the other team is in their last year of coach-pitch and apparently they were corn fed ~if you know what I mean ~ so we'll take this first game and play on LOL

So here are my pictures of the game - well maybe not the game, it's more like just pics of Briley.

Dad and Bailey - how interested do they look? Not very~!

Woo Hoo.... she made it to 1st base! And yes, that's Bailey the 1st Base Coach!

Without a doubt, the cutest 3rd baseman EVER! LOL

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