Monday, May 19, 2008

1st Grade Picnic

Woo Hoo.... end of the year events are taking place and we are counting down the days until Summer vacation! As of today, the girls only have 7 days of school left - that's it.... SEVEN!!! YIKES!!!

So, last Friday I joined Briley for her 1st grade Picnic and enjoyed her playing and interacting with her friends... The kids got to fly kids, play with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls and just whatever else they could think of. Here are a few pics of the kites that we flew.

This is Briley's kite - we got it in Florida on vacation last year and we have really enjoyed it.

This fire truck with wings is one that another kid brought to school, all of the kids thought it was 'cool'! LOL

And now a pic of my B-Bop enjoying her afternoon....

What a goof! Can you tell? This is her forced smile - because according to her, I take too many pictures! LOL Tough! I'm the Mom, I can! :)

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