Monday, May 19, 2008

Bailey & 4-Wheeler PART 2

Well..... It's BROKEN! Friday afternoon after school we took another close look at her arm and the swelling just didn't look 'right'. It was swelling in a strange spot on her arm, about 2 inches above the wrist. So we spent Friday night at the Emergency Room - UGH - and after a couple hours and about 5 xrays, the Dr came in to tell us that she has a WRINKLE in her bone? HUH? He described it as a break that went inward instead of outward.... Oh good grief! Now she's in a partial plaster cast and we are awaiting an appt at the Orthopedic's office this week. Just from the sounds of things, this can't be good!

On a another side of things, softball is OVER for Bailey for the remainder of the Summer Season - UGH - and she's already complainging of being bored! LOL Any other time she would be perfectly happy sitting in front of the TV, but this weekend she was not in the mood to deal with a broken arm - I'm sure you can imagine the attitude that went along with the pain! LOL
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