Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bailey and the 4-Wheeler

So last night after dinner, Bailey and Briley went out to ride their bikes and play with the other neighborhood kids, as they were walking out the door I specifically told the girls that they WERE NOT allowed to ride the neighbor's four wheeler. (Lots of issues there, but onward with the story....) I continued to clean up the kitchen, do my usual washer-dryer swap and started folding clothes. All the while I'm watching REBA and minding my own business. Now, as a general rule the girls have to come in around 8:00 pm which is before the street lights come on and before it gets too dark. This time also allows plenty of room for their showers and winding down before bed and getting ready for school the next day.

Anyway it was about 7:45 and I made one last look out the front door to make sure that I could still see their two heads bobbing around the neighborhood and I did, so I figured it was safe for me to go ahead and change my clothes and put on my comfy pj's...which included removing the BRA!!! About 2 minutes after I had settled in to my PJ's the man across the street (that owns the 4-wheeler) is ringing my doorbell and telling me that Bailey has rolled it on top of her and she is hurt! Okay, my heart sank and I began to run out in the middle of the road - braless and all!!! (Why oh Why do I have such bountiful abundance?) Oh well... my baby was hurt and I was determined to help her....

Once I get to her I quickly survey and notice that there's NO BLOOD! Okay, so now I'm just getting madder because she knew better than to ride this thing and to top it off she didn't take time to put on the helment - about now there is smoke coming out of my ears! How much more specific do I have to be when I say, "you cannot ride that 4-wheeler"?

Oh well live and learn ~ Bailey is now the proud owner of a severely bruised and swollen left hand/wrist. Once we dried the tears and calmed her down none of us (including my neighbor nurse) felt like it was broken. Off we went back to the house hobling and crying and holding her wrist and my boobs just a swingin' in the breeze. UGH!!!

Whew... another trip to the ER averted. I promise if we show up there one more time with a kid needing stitches, they are going to call CPS!!! So after a pretty severe scolding from me and then later when her dad got home, I don't think she'll be getting back on the 4-wheeler in the next few days! (I hope we scared her enough to make her think about what could have happened?) Bailey did make it to school today and I sent instructions for the trainers to look at it and wrap it for her. I really hope this doesn't blow up in my face and we discover that there's some hairline fracture - that would be just my luck! Good News is there's no softball tournament this weekend and it wasn't her pitching hand! LOL Priorities Don't Ya' Know? LOL
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