Friday, May 9, 2008

Because God Made Me Upside Down

As we were going through and sorting my tubs and stacks of photos from the past 20 years or so...We came across some precious pictures of Bailey. Ahhh... Bailey - the never smiling and always frowning baby! I have more pictures of her frowning forehead than you can imagine or else she's glaring at the photographer with a "go to H*LL" look. I'm serious!!!! Although she was quite a handful as a small child (and is a really big handful as a teenager), Bailey has a sweet and sensitive heart. She is kind to babies and animals, so what more could a mother hope for? Right?

When she was little (just toddling around and talking), we would snuggle and hug and once I asked her, "how did you get so cute", and from out of nowhere - other than her own head - she responded with "because God made me upside down." You can imagine the laughter that errupted in my already hysterical household. Now how cute is that? And I guess technically, she was right - God did make her upside down! lol From then on, that was her response to any and all questions! Even now she tries to pull that line on me when I get on to her for not cleaning her room of finishing her chores. Only now she's expanded the thought that since she was made upside down, there's a part of her brain that just doesn't compute or comprehend the whole cleaning process. Uh.... I don't think so! Original idea - alright - but not going to cut it!
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