Thursday, May 8, 2008

Graduation Invitation Inserts

These are the little goodies we made to put in each graduation invitation for Brit. The color really didn't come out as great in the pictures as I had hoped, but you get the idea. The first batch of these were on Royal Blue Cardstock with orange and white polka-dot ribbons. This is the second batch and I couldn't find the same ribbon, so we did the Orange Cardstock with the royal blue ribbon.

Next up... we have a fun picture of Briley! Yes, that's mustard on the side of her face because she had just come in from playing outside with her friends and inhaled a homemade sub-sandwhich! LOL The reason her hair is a curly mess is because the humidity in the metroplex is horrible this week! UGH.... it's actually kinda hard to breath and forget about a good hair day - it's just not going to happen. Anyway, back to Briley - she had been outside with the neighborhood kids trying to catch crawfish in our ditches that are full of water! Now I ask you? Do city kids get to have this much fun? I think not! LOL When I asked her what bait she was using, she just looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head and replied, "Well duh Mom, chicken!" Oh,I guess everybody knows you can only use chicken? I guess you learn something new every day! Or atleast I do?
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