Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Paw-Paw

This is my Paw-Paw...a fine upstanding German man! Can't you just see the accent in his face? He didn't learn to speak English until he went to school in South Texas. He didn't even recognize his own name when it was written on the black board! WOW! What a change in our cultures? The older he gets the worse his English becomes, he is returning to speaking more and more in German. I guess maybe it just processes easier for him? Anyway, his father was a baker and his grandmother was a wonderful cook, as well. I've seen pictures of her - uh - I think I inherited her love of eating and my body seems to be proportioned much like her's! :) My Grandfather finished High School in a one-room school house in Monthelia, Texas where he met my grandmother and they were later married. The majority of his life my Paw-Paw spent gardening and farming and he later worked in chicken houses for a living! Talk about getting up with the birds? Wow... now that was a manual labor job!

Ahhhh, I love this ole' feller - he's 95 years old! I just have to mention that he's out lived his wife of nearly 70 years (I think he did that to get the last word in! LOL), buried three of his 4 children when they each died at the age of 55 (each)...yes, I know it's creepy, but they all died of different kinds of cancer (my dad included).

Until last fall, he was living by himself and just needed the assistance of someone to drive him to the Dr's. office. However after some recent minor health complications, my Uncle thought it best that he move into a Nursing Facility, which we all agreed was probably the best idea. He seems to be doing well and is happy and adjusted to living there. I hear he's a pretty 'mean' 42 player (dominoes). But then again, he always was the domino king around the family table! LOL Any youngster coming up in the ranks and learning to play the game had better not mess up when making your bid - Paw-Paw would catch ya'!

I try to keep him up-to-date with pictures of the girls and various blurbs about what we are all up to. I really wonder though how much he really cares? Ya know? I think he's got 400 great grandchildren, (well maybe not, but my cousins were a pretty fertile bunch!) He's 95 - Good Gravy - maybe we should just let the man eat his brownies and watch westerns and whatever else he wants to do? Ya know?
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