Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Another Evening Around My Table

Since we are quickly approaching graduation for Brittany, my dining room table has been turned into an assembly line of graduation invitations and little scrap-booky things that we are including in each invitation with her picture. However, someone has to put these little trinket things together? Yep,you guessed it... MOM!!!

So last night I was cutting out the paper and cardstock and gluing like a crazy person, Briley was using her tiny hands to tie the little bows in the ridiculously tiny ribbon, and Brit was hot-glueing little bows onto cardstock. The inserts really did turn out cute and lets everyone know what her plans are for college, but we all have a new appreciation for the time and detail that goes into these little goodies.

Well while Arts and Crafts class was going on at one end of the table, Bailey was given the task of organizing and restacking's not a hard task, I promise! Basically I just wanted her to transfer piles of pictures from an ugly plastic tub to a cute decorative box that I bought to just dress-up my shelves a bit! (Yes, I know...noone cares but me!) Anyway this seemingly easy task was perfect for the short attention span of Bailey - all she had to do was basically dump from one to the other.... WELL.... nope! That's not what she wanted to do! But then I'm sure you already guessed that? Bailey proceeded to look and discuss every single picture! OMG!!! Since the beginning of our marriage and Al and I were both skinny and he actually had dark hair! :) Then after about an hour of her comments on what we 'use' to look like - she moved on to each of their baby pictures and discussed the furniture in the background, and what how we lived in or whose house the picture was taken at! OH. MY. GOSH!!!!

I thought she never would finish that task - but she finally did - and it only took her about 2 hours! I simply cannot make you understand how annoying she was going through those pictures - words just don't do her level of obnoxiousness justice! LOL But then again, what 12 year old isn't obnoxious? Ahhh... Bailey ... you just gotta love that quirky gal!
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