Friday, May 23, 2008

TGIF & Happy Memorial Day!

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'm so glad that it is finally Friday! Is it a full moon? Are we on some weird planet rotation? This has been a crazy week -If it could go wrong or wonky this week, it has - everything from my work related items to my kids! They are all crazy I tell ya'.... all of them! Or else this is their sick attempt to finally have me committed to the funny farm! I swear it is as if all common sense has left their bodies and I am the only one left with my feet on the ground and a brain in the room! UGH!!!

I am so ready to just run far away - and no I don't need to up my Lexapro dose.... but at the same time my boss is text messaging (at 3:15 am) me from the Phillipines about some stupid chandelier that we are having delivered from Mexico and my kids are screaming about taking a board game to school for 'game day'... uh hello... CALGON take me away! I am completely stressed! I am so looking forward to a three (3) day weekend and a stiff holiday drink! Bring on the Hard Lemonade! Believe it or not I rarely drink... if ever... but the recent events of the week and my teenager daughter's antics warrant a good cold one!

OH, and it's Prom weekend - so hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures to show everyone of Brittany in her sleezy prom dress! LOL If you are a mother of a teenager, I'm sure you understand my 'sleezy' statement!
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