Friday, May 30, 2008

What is the crazy attraction we have to cars?

Why are we so attached to our vehicles? It's as if they are a member of our families.... uh, it's a hunk of metal/fiberglass? Right? One big hunk that I have paid more for than all three of my children's hospital bills from their births? Go figure? It is also the same vehicle that cost me more than our first home? What is wrong with this picture? Why am I so reticent about giving up this vehicle? Is is the fact that my children and I have traveled well over 100,000 miles in this ride together while screaming, laughing, and crying (and often all three at the same time!)? Is it that we, as a family have shared numerous meals together in this vehicle (yes, we eat in the car, on the run...more times than I care to admit to)? Is it that the lady at Sonic automatically knows my drink order when she eyes me in the drive through? What is the weird fetish we have for our cars? And why is it so hard to move on?

Oh well, the time has come to move on to smaller and less expensive rides! I am going to attempt to go car shopping this weekend. Provided I can find some way to make my husband a little more excited about spending his Saturday with his whiny, uh... uh... b*tchy wife in the 100* heat walking around on car lots - I am really going to have to dig down deep to pull this one off! (This one is going to call for more than just an evening of fun and frivolity... ya know?)

The current gas prices have me scared to death and each time a fill-up in my SUV is getting more and more painful! Not to mention the A/C just went out again for the THIRD time in the last 4 years, so it's TIME! Momma wants a new(ish) car and I have every intention of getting it! (Do you have any doubt that I won't get my way?) There's something wrong with the picture when your 17 yr old daughter and your husband have newer and fancier cars than MOMMA! It's cruel and unusual punishment that I am being subjected to... Pity? Any pity ?from anyone? I'm waiting....

Wish me luck! This could just be the weekend that makes me or breaks me! LOL Or my marriage.... it's not going to be pretty! But never fear, I will come back on Monday and share with you all of the gory details of my weekend adventure! Who knows? There might even be pictures?

Have a great weekend!
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