Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yes, I'm shallow....I'm a Flip-Flop Diva

I've crossed over.....but give me a break! I have very few splurges or times that I can just be frivolous and childish - and flip-flops are my weakness! This weekend as I cleaned out my closet, I realized that I own about 15 pairs of some-sort of flip-flop! Most of which I wear to work on a regular basis, well unless the temperature is under 40*, and then I'll choose a shoe with a closed toe - but that is a rarity!

So anyway, I recently purchased these two fabulous pairs and I must admit, they are a bit outside of my 'box', but I just couldn't help myself.... they were screaming out my name.....what was I to do? These are Yellow Box brand and for any of you flip-flop divas, you will totally understand that these are the most comfortable flip-flop I've ever worn! I'm even thinking about going back and buying a pair with a little bling-bling! LOL Oh did I mention that I just had another cortizone shot in my heel so all the years that I've worn flip-flops are now erased, well... for another few months anyway! What I won't do for fashion?

Okay, so I know you've got a hidden secret of splurges in your closet.... so what is it? Shoes, purses (oh, lets not go there, I will spend more on a cute purse than on food!), sunglasses, lipstick, or what? Come' on... spill it!
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