Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Sorry for the disappearance lately. On Monday morning we received a phone call that my grandmother had been taken to the ER with chest pains. Her home health care worker suspected she was having a heart attack and now three days later and tons of tests and blood work, we are most certain that she was not having a heart attack and has very little if any heart damage at all. Anyway, Briley and I hussled ourselves down to East Texas - which is a 4 hr drive away, and spent two days working around my grandmother's house and keeping her company in the ICU. However, she is now at home resting and my mother is going to stay there with her for the next few days until she can rebuild her strength. I have lots of stories and pictures to share from the past two days. Briley and I found time to visit the area zoo and take a quick train ride - it was a mini-vacation for us! LOL
Check back often, as I get the pictures uploaded. I'll leave you with a teaser....
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