Thursday, June 19, 2008

Z&OO Railroad (Catchy huh?)

As a child I remember taking numerous school field trips to our local zoo which also had the Z&OO Railroad. Since 1970, this little train has been operated by volunteers from the local Lions Clubs and has brought so much joy to the community. All kids want to ride the train at the zoo - it's tradition! In keeping with tradition, Briley and I took a ride on the Z&OO Railroad during our visit to the Ellen Trout Zoo ( This little train is operated by several elderly gentlemen that dress up to look just like real railroad conductors... complete with an 'all aboard' call before they leave the station. The train ride takes about 15-20 minutes and takes you around the perimeter of the zoo and park areas and the the BEST part is the ride over the bridge and across the lake with Alligators! LOL oooooohhhh.... what fun and fear we felt as kids riding over the open train tracks crossing the creature infested lake waters! What a bunch of schmucks we were! LOL

Probably the best part of the whole ride is that it was only $1 each to ride.... talk about cheap entertainment!!! The entire zoo trip cost less than $10 (both of us included)!! I challenge anyone to find an afternoon of outdoor entertainment and learning for less than $10 -I was shocked, to say the least.
Here are a few pics of Briley before we rode the train....
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