Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't Move Briley

There's a peacock behind you!! Yes, that's a real peacock on the picnic table. He was talking pretty loudly while we were in his space - LOL. The peacocks roam around free range and wherever they want. We also experienced birds that just mingled among us in the trees. I tried to figure out the names of these birds, but someone's mouth was moving constantly and that same someone was dragging me around quicker than I could read the signs, so I really have no idea what these birds are called, but I just thought they were pretty and it was neat that I could get so close!
Notice these turtles, they are huge - I've never seen turtles this large, so close and personal! LOL
I forgot to mention this earlier in my post - but these pictures are more from our trip to the Zoo.
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