Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to the Working World

So it's been a full week since Brit starting working full-time in an office job. She's been re-organizing a file room for this company and hopefully she will begin training on other positions, such as receptionist and maybe a bit of data entry. Basically she just needs to get some viable experience in order to keep working while she's going to college. Since she seems to think that she is too good for fast food or retail, file clerk seems to be her only option. Oh well? Live and Learn!

My point to all of this is that she is one tired out little girl! LOL She is working 8-5, Monday through Friday for the remainder of the summer. This first week has kicked her booty - she's been at home in the evening, glad to eat whatever I put in front of her, and in bed at a reasonable hour! LOL My twisted sense of motherly humor is loving this!

I really hope that she hears much of the same 'reality' ideas and issues from the other - older - ladies that she is working with. Up until now, she thinks I'm out of touch with reality and I am an idiot! So be it... I have a job and I can afford to live on my own... can she? UH NOPE! LOL

Luckily the company she works for is a customer of her dad's, so we can keep tabs on how she's doing and they seem to just love her to pieces....I hope this lasts! (Insert rolling eyes)

In my own youthful existence, I learned very quickly that my parents might have had a clue after all... now I was most definitely NEVER going to let them know that they were right or even anything close to that, but I did begin to hear their words of wisdom repeated in my head, after a few years of trial and error for myself! Ahhh to be young, dumb, and stupid!!! Ahhh.... what will it take for this younger generation to realize that they have so many opportunities and that there aren't a lot of 'do-overs' ?

There are so many things I would do-over if I could go back 20 years, but then again maybe I wouldn't? Ya' know? I learned so many valuable lessons by falling on my face and cleaning up my own messes. Oh heck, I'm still cleaning up my their names are Brit, Bailey, and Briley! LOL The precious 'messes' that they are. Seriously, I wish I had listened to my parents just a tad more and I wish that I had waiting a few year to 'grow up'. It scares me how quickly my own children are growing up and there are still so many things I need to teach them or want to share with them. Quick! Help me stop this ride... I need to get off and slow things down just a bit.... ugh.... I think I'm feeling sick? LOL (insert sarcasm! please!)
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