Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Blahs

UGH... It's Monday again...... why didn't anyone warn me that Monday was coming? I could have been better prepared? Or not? I guess after 38 years I should realize that Monday rolls around every week, just like clockwork.

I'm a little more OFF of my mental game though today than usual because I'm OFF of caffeine! Well for two days, anyway? LOL I have recently realized that I have low blood sugar and have been cursed with the daily shakes, fatigue, trembles, sweats, migraines, muscle aches, carb cravings and so on that go along with Hypoglycemia. So in an effort to control these issues and just improve my overall feeling of yuck, I spent the majority of the weekend reading about hypoglycemia. I was surprised to learn that it is the mirror image of diabetes and basically a diabetic diet is recommended for low blood sugar, as well.

First up on my list of what not to eat was COKE! UGH... my addiction!!!! I CRAVE it, I WANT it, IT makes me feel good! Okay - huge red flag waving here - as one of the books I read said the coke craving is a huge indication of low blood sugar. My body is craving the sugar and the caffeine, both of which are HORRIBLE for me. Like I didn't already know that? I just didn't want to see it in print! LOL

I suppose I could rush out to the Dr and get all sorts of blood work done to better determine my case, but really - I'm just not into Dr's. (LOL) Go figure? I have decided to just work it out for myself... much like my 88 yr old grandmother that is healthier than most. She just works through her ailments with vitamins and nutrition - so I'm going to give it a try!

I have very little will power and this is going to be a HUGE challenge for me to take better control of my dietary habits. I fully realize that I'm going to have to take control of my cravings and weaknesses, because it just has to be done! I've felt like warmed over crap for way too long... the fatigue is just about to eat me alive and the shakes and trembles have got to stop! So... here I am... trying to follow a conscientious effort to eat better and control my sugar intake. I realize this change in my diet has to be gradual and I'm not going to move mountains in one or two days, but for me it's more about the emotional and mental makeover. Not to mention that this overwhelming weight gain has got to end - that alone is depressing! Wish me luck!
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