Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you clean when mad?

Boy oh boy... I do!!! I've recently been more angst than usual at the people I live with, primarily due to their overwhelming LAZINESS!!!!! The other night, I was so completely frustrated with this bunch that I gave my kitchen the best cleaning it has had in months! My frustration was stemmed by the gunk in the microwave ~ is it too hard to use the micro-wave plate cover when heating food? Is it rocket science? I know they hear me wail about it, why can't they remember to use it? UGH!!!! For some unknown reason (and not Hormones), the filth has just completely overtaken my usual sunny disposition!!! I'm obsessed with cleaning out the clutter? I even took a picture of the Mt. Laundry that has taken up residence on my love seat...I'll post that pic later today!

My de-cluttering spree has taken me to a place I rarely go - the cabinets in my bathroom. Why oh why do I need four different kinds of hair gel? I don't even use this stuff? I probably bought it years ago when I had some horrible haircut that I was trying to work through the 'grow-out' phase! Ya' know? LOL Obviously that gel has been under the counter long enough for me to forget this traumatic haircut? Duh??? It's time to be tossed out...... I also found mounds of dirty ribbons and broken/stretched out pony tail holders that have obviously been freed from the bottom of Bailey's back pack or gym bag! Just gross!!! Then there were the 400 tubes of lipstick that I obviously didn't like enough to use more than once or twice, along with every shade of foundation I might have considered using over the past 7 years - ick! I also stumbled across some tinkerbell type of lotion and perfume that Briley had received as a Christmas gift - YEARS ago... uh... definitely trash. The rest of what I found is just too embarrasing to tell you about. :)

The feeling after I tossed the trash bag was just an overwhelming sense of accomplishment - crazy you say? Yes, I agree! I have an un-natural reaction to anger and therefore I clean! Next up on my list is the linen closet...but I really need to be MAD before I tackle that job. I'm sure I won't have to wait long - those other four people I let live in my house will surely do something stupid before the day is over! lol (Well, I really don't consider Briley part of the rest of THEM... she's still my most favorite 7 yr old in the whole wide world and does what I ask of her - LOL )

Do you clean when mad? When do you do your best cleaning?
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