Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Karaoke ~ I don't recommend it!!!

Unless of course, you are a glutten for punishment! Let me explain...

Last night after the girls' softball games (yes, Bailey played and pitched with her cast wrapped in foam and an ace bandage - and me without my camera! UGH) we were hot, tired, and HUNGRY - so we decided to hit our favorite little burger joint. When we got there it was already so late(9:30~) that I just assumed we could get in and get out with little effort and then be on our way home to showers and bed. WRONG! The parking lot was packed, the inside was standing room only and the noise was enough to deafen anyone. Little did we know that Tuesday nights are KARAOKE nights! UGH!!!! {NOTE TO SELF - NO BURGER JOINT ON TUESDAY}

I'm not a big fan of NOISE or STUPIDITY and most definitely not at 10pm at night! {It's no secret, I don't get out much.]I was NOT in the mood, if ya' know what I mean? OH Well? We proceeded to order and commandeered a table for our gang and the stupid drunk people that thought they could sing continued to pour over the loud speakers - oh my - these folks need to keep it in the shower! I was in hopes that the American Idol wannabe's would eventually give it up, but NO ~ the singing just continued. It was HORRIBLE!!! This was my first experience with LIVE Karaoke performed by ADULTS! Oh MY!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! The flats and sharps were deadly!

On a lighter note (literally), Bailey and her team-mates decided to give it try at the microphones. They chose a song from Grease, "We go together". (Again, I didn't have my camera! I'll never leave home without it again!) As the momma, I must say they really were cute singing in front of everyone in their softball uniforms and sweaty faces! :) And for the most part they were within the pitch range - give or take a few scary moments! I have much more patience for the kids that want to perform than the adults.

After we inhaled our food, Briley politely asked me if she and I could go ahead and leave and head home - it was 10:30 - I was more than ready! We got the heck of Dodge and left the others there - Karaoke Night is NO place for me, drunk or sober. LOL
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