Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Third day of summer break... and ALREADY....

I hear, ' I'M BORED!'... UGH.....

This is going to be the battle cry for the next 13 weeks! LOL

I got up this morning and quickly realized that since I don't have to fight my savages to get out of bed and eat breakfast, I might actually be able to sleep a few minutes more - woo hoo.... (note to self - reset alarm clock) however, I was already up and so what do I do? I go into the kitchen and make a bunch of noise to wake the savages, while I prepare THEIR blueberry muffins for breakfast! BAWAHHHAAA..... (insert evil mother laugh). So they were up and smelling the aroma of muffins and begin to complain about 'nothing to do today'. UGH.... they have so much more STUFF to entertain them than I did. Heck, they have each other - I had noone, me, alone, talk about bored! By the end of each summer, I absolutely knew all of Bob Barker's (The Price is Right) age spots and could predict the price of a bottle of lysol better than any grocery manager! My day was planned around the reruns of I LOVE LUCY, DICK VAN DYKE, and GOMER PYLE.... what can I say? It was the 80's... we had cable and life was good in small-town America! LOL

I guess the joke was on me...I woke them and I had to listen to them complain at 7:00 am and now they have called me at work, no less than THREE times since I've been here for 1 hour! ugh... Have I already mentioned this is going to be a long summer? LOL

Tonight Briley's softball team has a double header - maybe they will be warmed up enough by the second game to actually win? It could happen, stranger things have happened? I wonder what phase the moon is in?
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