Monday, July 7, 2008

Another picture of my little cutie

Well, it is Monday and I have absolutely nothing creative or productive to blog about, so... here's a picture of Briley riding her bike in the July 4th Parade - for your viewing pleasure, of course!

**You all know that I don't do Mondays very well - so - I promise to be back to my usual blogging crazy self tomorrow!**
Oh and my attempt to quit caffeine has gone bad - Instead of quitting cold turkey, I've had to just limit myself. Some days I just NEED a nice cold glass of Iced Tea to make it all better. And, yes I also NEED a coke from Sonic to improve my mood, but I'm not drinking them all day long and there are even a few days that pass when I don't have either - so I'm not going to kick myself over the defeat, I'm going to just be happy that I'm able to limit my caffeine intake and go with that. Next up on my list is my terrible addiction to NO exercise! This really must improve! LOL

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