Monday, July 21, 2008

DETOXING your children...

After going to Grandma's!!! I'm sure you moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about? Whether its the sodas they filled up on or the chocolate cookies they bring home in a baggie (like you need that temptation in your house?), or just the ability that all grandparents have of taking your rules and well taught manners and allowing your kids to throw them out the window! Well, we've got a new one for ya'!
Now how many of you guessed that one? LOL I should have know that something terrible was going to happen when I continued to get messy-hair fishing pictures all week! The maternal gut instinct kicked in and I KNEW that my rigorous hygiene habits weren't being followed while the girls were at Pops and Granny B's house! (insert big eye ball rolling here) Apparently, those two girls spent most of their waking hours in the pool or the hot-tub, and it was quite obvious!
So we go to pick up my green haired munchkins on Friday night and I promise you... no exaggeration -SERIOUSLY Bailey's hair was LIME GREEN!!!! Briley's wasn't quite as bad, but it was well on it's way to being a scary Halloween hairdo. Both of them had hair that felt like gunky straw and obviously hadn't seen a drop of conditioner for DAYS!
**UGH!!! Grandparents... you just gotta luv' em! Right? Keep telling me this... 'cause they don't share my DNA! Thank goodness!!!! LOL **
Moving on.... we get home about 10pm on Friday and the detoxing of the green hair was about to begin. Luckily I have an amply stocked pantry and TOMATO sauce abounds on my shelves - so off we went with heads/hair doused in tomato sauce. Just one minor oops occurred - I accidentally opened a can of sauce that had garlic and basil seasoning in it - oh well - Bailey will be forever known as Pizza Head! No big deal - we let the girls sit with tomato sauce on their heads for about 30 minutes and then followed it with a PRELL shampoo chaser!
I'm proud to say that by 11:30 p.m. neither of my girls had green hair and Bailey no longer smelled like a pizza! I wish I could say the same about my shower, but the pizza smell is still lingering in there! UGH.... Oh well - I can deal with that and a little Clorox clean up, I can't function with GREEN hair! LOL
What horror stories do you have from coming back from grandma's?
And just for the record - I did try to take pictures of the girls sitting around my kitchen bar with tomato sauce on their heads, but they absolutely refused!
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