Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Report

I've completed one full week of Curves and I am really starting to feel more energized. Also, I'm following the Weight Watchers Points Program. I'm not very centrally located to a group that I can get to easily, so I'm going to try the on-line thing. I've just got to get serious about this and really follow the plan. I know I can, but it's a matter of preparing the food and snacks ahead of time - that - I'm not so good about.

Oh, and I don't have too many pounds to loose to reach my goal - just *** 70*** UGH!!! How did I ever let my weight get so out of control?

New Day - I'm taking the blame for myself and just going to keep going. Glug... Glug... I'm drinking my water!

Please share with me your WW stories, tragedies and successes!
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