Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun & Games

WE (the girls and I) are serious board game players! At times I am quite competitive and just down right ugly about winning. It was a sad, sad day when Briley could finally beat me at UNO! I mean, how does that happen? She's 7 years old - I'm the Queen of UNO - Everybody knows that!

Well recently we've over-dosed on UNO, UNO Attack, Trouble, and pretty much any of the other traditional board games. So after seeing a commercial for Battleship I remembered that I had had one when I was younger and being the extreme OCD person that I am, you can bet that I have kept all of my childhood board games in tip-top condition. (I'm really quite obnoxious about the boxes and keeping them in one piece. But I'm sure you were already on to me about that one? LOL)

After a very disturbing phone call to my mother, in hopes of locating my old Battleship Game, she was quite reluctant to admit to me that she had thrown my game away! GASP!!! WHAT? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!! I left it with her 20 years ago in perfect condition - what could have possibly happened to MY GAME!!!

Well???? MY kids happened to it! Apparently my mother is not as conscientious about keeping games in mint condition and she allowed her grandchildren to tear the game up and loose pieces! (I began to feel weak and tremble - quick - I need a coke!!) After I consoled myself over the traumatic loss I realized that I could just go buy another game. After all, I am an adult and I don't have to share my games anymore - if I really don't want to? Ya know?

I proceeded to drag Briley to the store to purchase a new Battleship Game, all the while letting her think that she was going to get a new game - little did she know that it would be mine... all mine! BAWAHHHAHAAA........

Fast forward a few days and several hundreds of games of Battleship - UGH - I've met my match!! Briley can beat me in that one too... How could I have let this happen? Could I be loosing my grip? I am the QUEEN of board games!!! Don't these people understand? What part of I'm the QUEEN do you not get? LOL

What games do you and your kids play that create friendly competition - or maybe not so friendly? LOL
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